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"I have, and frequently use, the first two volumes in this series. I have studied music at the university level and have played professionally for nearly twenty years and have never felt as clear about or confident with the guitar as I now do having applied your method. Many thanks."
Mark Lee Amherst NY
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    Fretboard Logic

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  • " I just got your book FRETBOARD LOGIC SE, Volumes I & II combined. It is FANTASTIC. I'm going to fire my music/guitar teacher. I'm writing to THANK you for such a great tool. I had been taking lessons with a renown rock guitarist here in New York city, paying $50.00 an hour. In 2 weeks I have a better understanding of the guitar than in the 2 months I spent paying this joker. I'm totally HAPPY with your method. It rules over anything else out there claiming to teach guitar. As far as I'm concerned you are the ONLY teacher teaching properly!!!"
    Robert Munoz Jamaica NY

    "Your kind of service is hard to find but much appreciated. You're a stand-up guy. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I'm am really enjoying your book [Bass Logic] and have learned quite a bit."
    Bart Luce Independence KY

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"I have the old DVD's, and just bought the the 2.0. Freakin' awesome series and style. After just going through pages 1-15 in Book 1, it is impossible to NOT think of the CAGED sequence. Chord naming becomes addictive! I find myself doing it during the middle of playing along! Way cool.......Now I wish I could go back 20 years to when I really needed the books......"
Chris Price Tempe AZ

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"Bill, I'm not sure how I can thank someone (in this little space) that's giving me so much. Your box set taught me more in a few days than anyone, any book, video, DVD, cassette, CD, ever has and believe me when I say I've tried dozens. I'm 38 and finally understand the fretboard and am getting better everyday. My doors have now swung open when I was almost ready to just hang it up. I will be forever grateful to you for such a great product. The price of the box set is really a joke when I consider what I could have paid to obtain this massive knowledge. If simple thanks from your customers and the knowledge that you've helped countless players find the answers they may have thought they'd never find is what makes you feel good about your product, then please sit back, relax, and relish in a job amazingly done!! You have changed my life. I never ever thought I would truly understand this stuff. You really have changed the way guitar will be taught from now on. I am spreading the word to every player I know. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"
Frank E Hollywood CA

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    Discount combo of FLSE and our original combo DVD which includes Videos I and II.$49.95


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"Bill you are a Legend! I found your books and although I wasn't a guitarist I was intrigued by the synopsis and started to read them avidly. Finally the guitar made sense! As a clarinet player music was (relatively) easy, but the guitar had never made sense. I got so frustrated reading your Book I without a guitar to practice on that I bought an American Stratocaster (not cheap in Oz) and the Boxed Set of your books and DVDs, and now - only months later - I rock! If I were a girl I'd want to have your babies. You rule! Every day I marvel at the wonder that is your system. It's brilliant, and I reckon your deserve a knighthood or whatever you do over there for the way you have spelled it out in your books. Contribution to the arts would be a major understatement."
Steve Bond Melbourne Australia

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The short answer is continue on and come back as your fingers get stronger. Don't tire your fretting hand out working on the hardest forms in the lowest positions. The approach to playing in Fretboard Logic is both guitar-oriented and comprehension-oriented. It is not realistic to expect the fingers of beginners to be able to perfectly negotiate and render the more difficult forms like the G and D forms in various positions when they've just learned the basic chord forms in the open position. Furthermore, since they are the most physically difficult, they get used the least by beginners. Nevertheless, they are essential to understanding how chords work on the fretboard, and going from basic forms to forms in positions is the logical order of operations for understanding things in fretboard terms. This is a bump in the road for some, and a brick wall for others, and for that reason, it is addressed in detail in DVD 2.0. It is a common problem, in part because so many beginners (and guitar-buying parents of beginners) get started out on the steel-stringed acoustic, which is the hardest of the three basic types of guitar (after the nylon-stringed acoustic and the electric, which is by far, the easiest). Take steps to make your own guitar easier to play using the suggestions provided such as a lower action, lighter tension strings and even tuning down a step or two temporarily. As you practice, your fingers will get stronger, and you will find that you are doing things you never dreamed of just a few months or even weeks prior. As a rule, don't get hung up on any one thing. For all the physical and mental challenges the guitar poses, and there will be many, you will need to improve incrementally.

This is a good question and an important consideration. Short answer: No - you aren't required to read music. It gets asked alot because many guitarists have gotten bogged down in the problems associated with applying standard notation (ie., reading music) to the fretboard's bi-dimensional, asymmetrical string-fret arrangement (say that one three times real fast.) Don't worry if you can't "read" and don't even want to. The answer is that Fretboard Logic is context sensitive, meaning the format varies according to what is being discussed, and the information is presented in the ways deemed most appropriate for whatever is being taught. Furthermore, an effort was made to intentionally duplicate the information in multiple formats whenever possible, to aid in comprehension and retention. In general some concepts lend themselves best to graphic representation or illustration while others are more abstract and can't be pictured as well. For example, in Vol. I, the pattern organization of the fretboard is presented using both graphs and text on each page to facilitate comprehension (i.e., right brain/left brain). Since the fretboard is pattern oriented, the emphasis is on graphic representations of the patterns. On the other hand the Naming of chords etc., for musical purposes - D D# E F F# etc., - cannot be illustrated very well and so the emphasis is more on a verbal, abstract description. As the method progresses, and the foundations are established, other subjects are added in the formats and media best suited to learning them. For example, in the applications of the materials in Vols. I and II, graphs and text are used to demonstrate the principles discussed, but the transcriptions for the study pieces are written in tablature and standard notation, and supplemented with chord symbols and function legends. On the 2.0 DVDs both hands are filmed separately with extreme close-ups and together so that there is no question of what is happening with the technical aspects of the piece. Even if you were inclined to just play without any thinking involved, using your remote or mouse, you could repeat sections over and over until it sinks in, if you prefer. So the bottom line is, it doesn't matter if you can't read music or don't even want to, because it won't become a factor unless you decide to take your studies in that particular direction, such as with classical music. Even then, anything in Fretboard Logic that has standard notation will also include tablature, as that is now the industry standard.

There isn't any musical or positional meaning to the standard dot placement scheme on fretboards. There is also no demonstrable relevance with respect to the tuning system or the resultant pattern organization. I can't detect the merest musical relevance and they are not even symmetrical. As if that weren't enough, even today, they're not consistent from guitar to guitar. As a practical matter, if the dots are there, they can become a crutch, just as when they aren't there - as on many classical guitars - you don't really miss 'em unless you happen to be switching over from a dotted fretboard. That being said, personally, I like the idea of just two (or 3) markers: one for the fifth fret at the approximate geographical center of the fretboard and one at the 12th for the octave (optionally the 17th, if available). That makes sense to me, but I doubt any luthiers are going to change that particular horse midstream. (As Mr. Ford observed, we mostly do things without thinking about them too much.) Any perceived utility of the marker dots has long been displaced by their ornamental and decorative appeal - a classic triumph of style over substance. For many guitar builders and players, the marker inlays are considered a minor art form. At least they aren't being used for advertising. (Uh-oh, what have I just done?)

Let me address this by saying that first, the scope of each of the first two volumes in the series is intentionally narrow, and done this way for more than one reason, but mostly to facilitate learning and retention. (Also to be original, but mostly for the purpose of doing easier things before harder ones, like pentatonics before diatonics.) You seem to be familiar with the sound of Diatonics (7-tone scales), but not Pentatonics (5-tone scales). More to the point, in Volume I, the focus is on patterns, not scales. So, first off, Volume I focuses on the pattern organization of the fretboard pretty much to the exclusion of everything else, although targeting is introduced in later editions (for exactly this reason). Second, you've either seen or soon will see, that there are 3 distinct pattern types which emerge from the standard tuning arrangement of 6 strings tuned 4th 4th 4th 3rd 4th: 1. Chord Forms, 2. Scale Forms and 3. Lead Patterns They are each presented the same four ways and in the same order. This produces two ways to name chords and scales: 1. Counting the same form fret-by-fret from the open position, and 2. Counting form-by-form using the CAGED Sequence. Musically, only chords and scales are discussed in Volume I, and each is the smallest and simplest of its kind: Major triads and Pentatonic Scales with a Major tonal orientation. Much other information has been deferred in order to get through this aspect of the system as quickly and painlessly as possible. At this point, the chords will all sound fine and make sense aurally and visually in every position, but the scales are not so simple. They contain more notes, which are played in succession and it is necessary to express them with more specificity than with the chords. Until recently, this was deferred until Volume II, where the concept of "targeting" certain notes is introduced to produce both a "key" and a "mode" (or tonal orientation) from a given form and position. In Volume I, we assume Major to be the "reference mode" and as with the chords, all the scale forms are named relative to Major. They won't actually sound correct until we agree on exactly which degree will be our starting and stopping place, and that differs with each form. It is not sufficient to simply start and stop on the first and last note in the pattern, as many beginners tend to assume. Since they are not even the same note in the basic scale forms, it cannot produce a definitive key or mode. In other words, it's just a pattern, not a scale. Targeting, or starting and stopping on a specified degree within the form, is the means by which we get a scale from our fretboard pattern. There are strengths and weaknesses in this approach, but at least it eliminates the typical problems associated with key-mode-form confusion. Plus, it balances out the mental and physical work load. Consider that while the barred chord forms are easy to recognize and sound right tonally, they are physically more difficult for your fretting hand to produce satisfactorily (especially the G and D Forms) for most players, including beginners. While the basic Scale Forms are relatively easy to negotiate for our fretting fingers, they are more mentally difficult to recognize until we get specific with our note choices, particularly, what notes we start and stop on. This complicates things (perhaps based on our expectations from the earlier, simpler chord forms.) Later, we will take this same approach a step further and look at targeting as more than merely starting and stopping on a given degree within a form, and we'll discuss "phrasing" our scalar tone groups in such a way as to target appropriately, without being boring or predictable. When the time comes (Applications>Lead Playing>Improvisation), we will introduce the layers needed to convert mere tone groups (like scales, intervals and arpeggios,) into more sophisticated musical statements (like riffs, melodies and leads.) For this stage, I'm pretty happy if you just recognize that playing scales, per se, is not playing lead, and in addition to using the right notes among those available, we must add another element (namely, targeting tone centers) to these basic materials to produce the desired result: deriving a scale - from a scale form. In this instance, by starting with the simpler pentatonic scale, we have necessarily disoriented a small segment of the guitar-playing population, of which you are a member, which is only familiar with "diatonic" or seven-toned scales (aka do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) which in FL, are deferred until Volume II, when we begin to assume that people are sufficiently familiar with the forms and positions, and can assimilate more music-related information without having to go back to "put this finger here, put that finger there" types of thinking. For now it is enough to just be able to name the scale by form and position. You can also skip ahead and find the tonics for each form (in Volume II) and play to and from that note in each form. You will soon recognize these as diatonics minus the 4th and 7th degrees. Again, recent editions of FL I and FLSE introduce the tonics (as targets) to the basic scale forms so players like yourself can hear the scales sooner.

The series, 4th, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 4th, refers to the intervallic (two-note) distance between the guitar's strings as tuned. Think of just the bass E and Bass A. There's four letters (for now) between them, inclusive (E, F, G A). Now go from bass A to D. Same thing four letters. And if you are unfamiliar with intervals, in short, they are: 1. The distance between any two notes (defined by steps and half steps) inclusive, or 2. any two notes (defined by the distance between them, inclusive.) Again, the lowest (and thickest) string on a guitar is an E. The next closest string is an A. Think of steps (just for now) as the music alphabet: E-F-G-A (G goes back to A since there is no "H" in music) or 1-2-3-4. Therefore, E to A is a "4th." The next two (bass) strings are A to D. A-B-C-D or 1-2-3-4. That's another 4th. Then D-E-F-G, also a 4th. Then the all-important G-A-B (1-2-3) that one's a 3rd. Our last string pair is B to E or B-C-D-E... another 4th. Again: E-A = 4th; A-D = 4th; D-G = 4th; G-B = 3rd; B-E = 4th. (or 4th, 4th, 4th, 3rd 4th.)

There are three things to keep in mind which might help: 1. The positions (and therefore chord names) are often unspecified as in this case. It was done that way to imply that the forms could be used in various positions, and defer getting into naming issues, 2. More specifically, the problem seems to stem from the anomaly of the open G string in the C form in the open position. The third string is unfretted in the open C nuclear form, making it less recognizable as a form to be used in other positions. 3. The open position is always a special case. While transitioning from 5th to 7th position, for example, is simple and requires only that the entire barred form be moved intact, whereas moving from open to 1st position requires that the form be remade with different fingers and then barred. To address this, both the Major and the minor nuclear form were moved up one fret to the 1st position so that all three strings would be fretted and more recognizable (and consistent with all the other nuclear forms). The chord at the top of the page is musically a C# Major, then C# minor, but that's off the subject and more of a chord-naming discussion. The focus at this point should be on the alterations to the nuclear forms which produce minor and other chord types from Major. For most people it would be easier to start off with the A form or E Form alterations first, then do the C form last. It will probably make more sense in that order for some people. In general, once you see the alterations with one form, the others start to get easier and easier. If it continues to give you trouble, perhaps it might help to review the section on Naming Chords by Form and Position before proceeding.

In Volume II, page 2, a reference is made to the somewhat pianistic term inversion. Keep in mind that most instruments are monophonic and so chords cannot be played except "as arpeggios" which to some of us, is a contradiction of terms. Terms such as inversion may similarly be restricted to keyboard-interfaced polyphones (multi-instrument arrangements notwithstanding). My objection to the use of this term for guitarists stems primarily from the collateral use of the descriptive term "root position," which applies appropriately enough to keyboards, but not to guitars. The term "position" has a different meaning on a fretboard and there are no "root position" chords on a guitar (except in the minds of those players who've not yet worked out the details of the terminology.) Naturally, we are able to invert the order of chord tones on a guitar, but using the term "inversion" is inappropriate, given the two dimensions in which tones increment on a fretboard. More importantly, there is another, more fundamental, system already in place which takes into account the bi-dimensionality and irregularity of the guitar's playing area. Many will feel the comfortable tossing all of this off as mere semantics. I feel differently, though. This falls into the same category in my mind as the fundamental differences between "notes" and "tones." I submit that more than semantics are at stake. The term note is more abstract or conceptual, a tone is more actual and audible. Which brings up a pet peeve from college theory classes. I strongly disagree with musicologists and professors who state with conviction that "chords are derived from scales." Not when you think it through. My position is that if you can understand the distinction between notes and tones, then you can similarly discern the difference between keys and scales. I submit that scales are realized when certain tones are played, whereas keys are conceptual in nature - like notes. Put another way, scales are the actualized degrees of a key. Therefore chords and arpeggios are similarly derived from keys - just like scales. I hammer on these ideas as essential to getting to a stronger, more functional understanding of music, by building on strong foundations. After all, music, in a sense, is ideas put into actuality - some say applied mathematics - I say closer to computer programming. The first step in learning just about anything is being able to communicate effectively. In the case of inversions on the guitar, playing portions of the G form, the C form and the E form will permit inversion from string to string, (starting from the 6th, 5th and 4th strings respectively) and even form to form, but it is a small part of a much larger picture.

It might be helpful to understand that the series is broken up into sections which I believed would help most of the people most of the time, given the wide variety of educational backgrounds and music experience in the guitar-playing world. Volume I was devoted to promoting the (then brand new) idea that patterns - independent of musical content - exist on the fretboard and can be useful to us in our education and playing. Volume II attempts to mate these patterns (which we see) with the musical tone groups (which we hear), providing folks with a way of learning a lot of chords, scales and arpeggios without the usual frustrations of doing it by guesswork or rote memorization. Both of these subjects were delivered in as narrow a scope as possible with what is known as a "building block" approach, meaning learn A before B, then B before C, and so on. These are what I deem the Foundations, as they apply to each player regardless of stylistic preference technical approach, guitar type, etc. Volume III and the videos introduce the numerous other areas, variously relevant to a guitarist's education, and expands toward what I consider the Applications, where basics from different subject areas which have been learned separately, are then combined in such ways as to produce a specific result (E.G. Music of a particular music style, such as jazz, blues, classical, rock, country, etc., or perhaps along the lines of a particular artist within a style, a preferred technical approach, and so on). Different people like different things, and unlike most teachers, I intentionally try not to impose my preferences or strengths upon others, but rather let them choose for themselves, and then support those choices. So, with all that being said, what you seem to have done, is skip from basic naming in Volume I, and all the targeting and tonal orientation of Volume II, and gone right to an application: specifically, lead playing in a particular style. While you have not mentioned the style you prefer, it is likely that you are doing what most electric guitar students do, which is gravitate toward blues and rock, with it's minor melodic material set against a Major harmonic background. I'm not saying you are wrong, it's just that you've automatically switched the key and mode to a relative, in this case, relative minor. Fretboard Logic starts out with the easiest and most basic: Major, which happens to be the reference mode. This is addressed elsewhere in the FAQs, and in detail in the books and videos. I'm only saying that I want you to understand that until a particular note in the Lead Pattern is targeted, it isn't a scale or a mode yet - just a pattern. FL teaches that deciding on a target (aka tonic, tone center or keynote,) and phrasing to and from that target note is what determines the key and mode. Your question, like so many others, is specific to where you are right now. That's going to be different for everyone. You have to trust that I know where you want to go and am getting there, but I can't jump around in the order of presentation. It may interest you to know that I've pushed the targeting forward in the series, so that the patterns get converted to scales in Volume I in the latest editions. For learning purposes, everything should be done in a certain order. It might help to think of it like this: You're stranded on a desert island and night is falling. You need to stay warm and cook food in the wild. The order of operations says first gather all your resources and materials into one well-chosen area. Then start the fire with fast burning, easy to light stuff like kindling. Then keep it going with increasingly larger and larger logs until the fire is self-sustaining. Then and only then, start cooking. Jumping from basic naming to lead playing is a little like trying to cook dinner with matches - barely doable and certainly not optimal. DVD 2.0 has lead playing in several different keys and modes, which may help you to understand why Fretboard Logic orients chords and scales toward Major, in the first book. Again, Book I is pretty much all about the patterns, and Book II is all about the Tone Groups. Major is the reference mode from which all other tone groups and modes will be derived (by way of alteration). Starting with just one tonal reference point is intended to make it easier to concentrate on the subject matter right in front of you.

Like you I was also taught, early on, along the lines of "play a certain scale against a certain chord" which I now feel is, at best, a gross oversimplification. I suspect it is taught by those schools of thought that feel that the more notes you play in a measure, the better a guitarist you are. What is more useful, is to think in terms of key areas and target notes when improvising. Furthermore, when changes approach, you need to be ready with strongly identifiable notes so that there is tonal coherence to your improvisation. That is an essential message in Fretboard Logic's lead playing sections. In keeping with the emphasis on knowing the patterns, the country-styled exercise requires you to change targets and key areas every four beats, so it means you need to know your fretboard pretty well to keep up. While the emphasis in Video I was on Applications of the ideas in Volume I, the third study piece also brought out a change of tonality (aka, tonal orientation, or mode). Improvising in Major, works differently from minor in certain ways. As you've seen, the changes (other than the Dominant) are more specific. With good old Blues minor, you could get away with just about anything in the key area as long as you targeted the 5 chord appropriately. The rock studies make you switch keys back and forth from C to A so you can't get too comfortable with just one area of the fretboard. But both had minor tonalities, so they worked similarly. With the country solo, the keys are changing every four beats so you need to keep on your toes. The ascending and descending suggestion is just another way to avoid sounding too predictable. So the answer to your question lies in the area of "strong" vs. "weak"  targets. In a key, there are stronger and weaker tones (think more certain or less certain; more definite, less definite etc.). When you structure the tones in a key chordally, ie., 1-3-5-7-9-11-13 you get farther and farther away from the stronger areas which define the key's tonal center. Targeting the "1" is the most definite and strongest choice for a change. It's also the most obvious, which is not always what you want. Next is the "3" (the all-important minor vs Major) then the "7" (the minor vs Major color tone) and then the somewhat ambiguous "5." From there on, you wade into a "chord-change clam-bed" so to speak, where you have to know what you are doing, or else be playing jazz. The "chord tones" or 1-3-7 and 5 are all reliable targets in order from strongest to weakest. I've heard them also referred to as "color tones," but that doesn't really tell me anything I can use. Weaker tones (9, 11 and 13) are often termed "passing tones" as they tend to serve mainly as stepping stones to a chord tone. If you target the 1, the 3 or even the 7 of the target change (chord), you are in the strongest, safest territory. The 5 and 9 targets are also possibilities, especially on the dominant, but generally weaker choices, and so on. You'll need to experiment in each case to find out the net result of these choices for style, tonality, personal tastes, etc. Here's an example why:  The 7th degree of a diatonic scale has historically been referred to as the "leading tone" which suggests that it "leads" to the tonic or 1. This implies a certain type of thinking which is reflected in what most people think of as "classical" music. Jazz players, on the other hand approach this differently and often think of the 3 and 7 as the "defining" tones. The 3 and 7 both determine Major vs minor (ie.,  3 and 7  vs.  b3 and b7) and so they carry the essential "DNA" or "personality" you might say, of the chord. This is strongly implied when you try to mix and match. When you put any b7 with a natural 3, you create a dominant seventh chord and the tensions strongly suggest an impending change to tonic. Simarly, when you match a b3 with a natural 7, you get an ambiguous dissonance in what might best be referred to as the "mystery key." So in practical application, style has a lot to do with interpreting these tonal relationships, and the classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, bluegrass, etc., folks don't always agree on what's what, for reasons having less to do with tonal constants than cultural influences and personal preferences. Fretboard Logic attempts to reconcile these issues by discussing various styles without excluding or endorsing any particular one. So to reiterate, the idea in general is to transition from playing scales to playing phrases and leads. A scale is a series of related tones, which are useful, but as leads, scales per se, are predictable and boring. The FL approach is to add sufficient elements to avoid this and not stray stylistically (at least unintentionally, that is). Put another way:  to create interest and define the style.

Questions about Modes are among the most frequently asked about and, I suspect, the least understood by guitar players. I believe there are three main reasons: 1. It is a subject that cannot be grasped in terms of patterns alone, 2. Most of the people trying to learn about modes lack the requisite foundations to effectively approach the subject and 3. Most guitar teachers - yours included - have always taught the various modes as being the diatonic scale forms themselves. This is wrong for a couple of reasons: First, it assumes you always play to and from a certain finger on a certain string. That is a rote-based approach and only the case if you choose to do so. Secondly, it fails to distinguish three fundamentally different subject areas: key, tonal orientation (aka, mode) and fretboard patterns. Fretboard Logic demonstrates that the patterns are a separate issue entirely from the changes in tonal orientation which determine the different modes, and the changes in target (aka tonic or keynote) and note selection which produce the different keys. One (the pattern organization) is a guitar-specific issue, the others are music-related and general. Volume II (and updated versions of Volume I,) make the crucial transition from thinking exclusively in terms of patterns, to thinking also in terms of tone groups with specified tonics and tonal orientations. This, in turn, becomes essential to several subsequent areas of development. Again, a pattern is a group of visually-related notes, a tone group is notes that are aurally-related (aka, hearing-related). Starting and stopping on a particular note, a keynote, or targeting is essential to derive an actual music scale from a fretboard pattern which starts and stops on two different notes. Yes, in this regard, scales work differently than chords. Selecting a particular group of notes from within a scale form or LP is the first step in the transition from fretboard pattern to musical scale, which in turn, is a step towards learning to phrase notes coherently, including the all-important rhythmically. Phrasing then leads to playing musically, which can take the form of licks, riffs, leads, melodies, etc. Without considering the target notes within the scale forms and lead patterns, you'll have to phrase all your licks, riffs, leads and melodies to end on the sixth and/or first string. Tell your teacher I said that's the tail wagging the dog, and one of the flaws in the idea that the patterns, per se, are modes (or even scales for that matter.) It eventually gets us down to the essential difference between playing lead and playing scales which is where Fretboard Logic is trying to take you. I think perhaps the best explanation is in the videos. Hearing the different modes come out of the same scale forms may be the best way to get the ideas separated and understood once and for all. For the record, if another guitar instructor has already taught you that the different scale forms are the different modes, period, end of discussion, it will be all the more difficult to make the necessary transition to thinking in terms of a select group of tones within the fretboard form with a target on a different string played with a different finger. When a new student who'd been mis-taught this by a previous teacher presented me with these preconceptions, I would always simply play the G diatonic scale form (usually in the 5th position) and start and end on my pinky finger. Then I'd ask them which mode I was playing in (Hint: It's not minor). The more cocksure they were at first, the more thoughtful the discussion which followed. The problem occurs most often when teachers describe the G Form Scales in 5th position as "A minor" without further explanation or differentiation. In most cases, these teachers have gotten their education from the school of hard rocks, and play rock (and/or blues) exclusively. Sound familiar? As such, they do not delve into the harmonic and melodic distinctions of the style, much less between key, mode and form. For the record: many, if not most rock and blues both feature minor-oriented melodic material (such as leads) played against a Major-oriented harmonic background (such as chord changes). So you could say their ear has been seasoned or "tuned" to the minor mode because it is the only one with which they are familiar. So it all boils down to this: To keep from confusing people and introducing digressions and personal preferences, Fretboard Logic does not discuss stylistic issues until the Applications sections which are in Volume III and the videos. Regardless of what style you or your teacher may prefer, in western music, the reference mode is Major. So all fundamentals in Fretboard Logic are discussed with respect to Major, which includes all the fretboard patterns in Volume I and as the basis from which the different types of chords, scales and Arpeggios are derived in Volume II. As the series progresses, we throw more balls in the air, but only adding one at a time so things don't get too confusing. Many students come to FL after having previous learning experiences and many gaps in their understanding of things. If these issues were raised in the first or second volumes it would be an unfortunate digression and favor one style over another - something most teachers and methods do without hesitation, but Fretboard Logic does not. To keep the series cleanly structured and unbiased, issues relating to style are reserved until the Applications sections. Otherwise it's back to monkey-see, monkey-do. Fretboard Logic does not dictate, exclude, promote or emphasize any particular music style, guitar type or technical approach. The conceptual progression in FL is: 1. The Fretboard, 2. The Tone Groups and 3. The Applications.



"Mr. Edwards, I just wanted to thank you for writing a guitar book that is really giving me understanding that other books couldn’t. I have only been playing for 1 year, and every book I tried to learn from just confused me so much I just gave up. I just started your book and I can’t wait to keep going. I really appreciate people like you who try to make learning reasonable and understandable by connecting all the dots to remove the mystery. Thank you so much!!
Jay Phillips Georgetown SC

"You're an absolutely brilliant teacher! I've been fiddling with guitar my whole life in between playing drums which is now my profession. I play guitar and bass on my own recordings and I always find it tricky to find something that I like that's repeatable...Always a bit hit and miss. I always found the guitar fretboard a bit of a mystery and although I was able to get by, after a few hours with your Fretboard Logic series, I feel I fully grasp the setup and placement of the notes on the fretboard. Now after 1 day of putting everything into practice, I can solo all over the fretboard in any key, have a much better ideas for soloing generally and I no longer get worried I'll play a bad note. I've been applying your techniques to the bass with equal success. It's beautifully simple the way you describe everything and I truly believe the left and right side of the brain stuff works, as it's been integral to my development as a drummer....Cheers and thanks for giving my playing a giant leap!"
Simon Ayton Berlin Germany

"I have been playing guitar off and on for the majority of seventeen years. Six months ago I decided to really take guitar seriously and found what I thought were good books on theory, scales, chords, etc. I have made progress but there have been so many unanswered questions that it gets very frustrating. I spent so many years just using tab/learning the songs I enjoy. That type of playing is fun but very empty. I want to create, which takes truly understanding the instrument. I bought your FL kit last week, read books 1 and 2, began to study. I have never seen anything like this. The more materials I can retain the more I can focus on the physical aspects of practice. Your system has given me a great leap forward in that area (more time practicing, less time reading.) I have read ahead out of anticipation for what is to come but will remain focused on the necessary steps. I finally have found a system that I can trust, follow, and most of all enjoy. I will tell everyone I know to stop wasting time and get your course. I like to work smart, not hard. Thanks to your system I can do that now with my guitar studies and practice."
Brandon Jordan Denver CO
"Oh. My. God. I feel like the blind man that Jesus healed. Thank you, thank you so much."
Dixon Nahrwold Taylorsville UT

"Thank goodness someone finally found "Logic" on a guitar fretboard. Having attempted to play for many years, I always put it down because it seemed like every accomplished player I talked to became accomplished only through years and years of practice. And because I'm not a patient man and a workaholic, I was simply not willing to dedicate that much time to it. Your stroke of genius, it seems will finally allow me to play from my strong, technical, left-brain rather they my weak, creative right-brain. Genius Sir, simply genius!"
Carl Hedgepeth via the internet

"I have had your course for 3 days now. I wish I had found your method when I was 13 instead of 43. Thank you for making this information available. I haven't had this much motivation to practice and learn in years. Fretboard Logic SE is the best money I have spent in guitar lesson material ever. I will suggest your course to anyone who tells me that they are interested in learning the guitar. Your course is the first one I have ever used that stripped away the mystery and the B.S. Well done Mr. Edwards."
Eric Marcum Bullhead City AZ

"I found your book very interesting and informative in a practical way."
Bruce Kulick Kiss

"I'm not in the habit of plugging books other than my own, but I have to compliment you... please send 5 copies for my own students."
Ande Flavelle Caldwell NJ

"The content of the books is excellent."
M.D. Kutz Kutz Music Pittsburg KS

It really is ingenious the way you've laid out things."
Terry Roche The Roches

"I heard of your book when two of my students brought it in for me to teach them from it. I've never found one book that did it all..."
Bill St. John Colorado Springs CO

"I once owned books I and II in the past. After 2 weeks with your books I learned more than I had in 20 years. Thank you for such a straight-forward easy to understand book. I suggest it over any Hal Leonard chord books or anything I have seen on the market. Again, thank you."
Rick Carpenter Lakeview OR

"I have I have been a guitarist for going on 17 years now, and this series is hands down the most phenomenal piece of guitar literature and instruction I have ever encountered. I am considering giving guitar lessons in my spare time and if I do, I will recommend only this series to my students. The structure and flow of the material is clear and concise, and the depth of understanding it brings to the 'fundamentals' of guitar musicality and technicality is unparalleled. Finally, after almost two decades of guitar playing, I actually understand what I am doing! I have begun writing music again after a few years of just messing around with jam tracks, and my newfound ability to actually apply music theory to the guitar's fretboard as opposed to simply 'groping and hoping' is priceless. Why any other literature about guitar is even allowed to be sold side by side with this series is, quite frankly, mind blowing. Much respect and thanks."
John Tyler via the internet

"One of the only series that I know which can cover so much amount of ground for the amount of pages."
Mark Staviski Prosound Denver CO

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Drew Asbury via the internet

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Adam Luaces New York NY

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Jeff @ Heights Guitar Cleveland Hts. OH

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Karl Ross

"Understanding guitar and the fun of trying to play it have been riddles that I've tried to solve for years. Fretboard Logic is the best resource that I've discovered/uprooted during that long period of digging here and there and all over. Guitar-Music-Interface. What a concept. I wish you continued success in the modest endeavour of changing the world."
Pete Beattie Kingston ON

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Dave Sharpe Spokane WA

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Matthew Saunders Muskegon Hts.

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MIchael Rogers Asheville NC

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Juliet Ball via the internet

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Dirk Urban Crete IL

"Thank you so much for your time and great work in the Fretboard Logic series. Best books ever."
Dr. Will Jacobs via the internet

"You are a genius, you teach guitar like a piano teacher teaches a piano student, the failsafe way. After 500 years of people trying to understand the guitar you have come up with the way it's done. Seriously, you do deserve a Nobel prize for contribution to the arts as you did what many people did for the piano - single handedly. You have done more for the readers of your books than any musician alone exempt the fact you didn't inspire them to pick up the guitar in the first place. Thank you very much for the books - words cannot describe what you have done for the guitar players who have read it and understand it."
Colin Rowntree via the internet

"I have been meaning to write to you for some time now to let you know how incredibly valuable I have found Fretboard Logic I, II and III. I was a lazy guitar player for 20 years, and never really understood the fretboard properly despite playing most days. Your book conveys in such straightforward terms what I have always known was buried in there somewhere, but could never really get to. Your books have opened up musical worlds to me on the guitar and the journey thus far has been seriously thrilling rather than frustrating, which was my previous experience with theory. Fantastic work - the journey continues...Seriously thanks! Max. respect for your insights and logical presentation. Fretboard Logic is the Dharmaparda of guitar mechanics!"
Scott Jackson Chiang Mai Thailand

"My wife and I just checked out your video contact-sheet page and we're really impressed! That's seriously great quality on all levels...form and content! I really think that your works and publications need a significantly greater presence on all social networking fronts and that is exactly what you are working on. Your products will go viral like no other. 'You're going to need a bigger boat'!"
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Crist Darling Susanville CA

"I've been playing guitar for 50 years, since I was 14. I've been using your books, off and on, for 5 years now. But I just discovered something: I've got to stick to your method and plow ahead and quit letting other peoples' opinions get in the way of my progress. Here's the deal. I worked through your books I and II--over and over. I knew the material backwards and forwards. I was using your method with good results and was making progress. Then I thought I'd get a teacher to facilitate that progress. I did this with five separate teachers. I asked if they were familiar with the Fretboard Logic Method and if they'd teach me that method. They all said yes they were familiar and yes they would teach that method. Then the fun began. I'd get, "Scale form IIA, IE...", etc., etc., ad infinitum and a whole lot of other incomprehensible stuff. One teacher, after I'd demonstrated that I could play the entire fretboard using your method, remarked that whether I knew it or not, I was in the "expert" class. Then he started "teaching" me his nutty version of the fretboard which totally confused me. I even had one guy who had copywritten the "CAGED" system. Another guy--my latest attempt at finding a teacher--said, "Scales and modes and arpeggios are a waste of time." His method was that you should know the notes in the chord and use those plus some chromatics and voice leading to construct your leads. All well and good. But nearly impossible to implement for the intermediate guitarist, as you know. Then he'd be playing in a particular position, and I'd ask, "Why are you playing in that particular position?" Then he'd say something sarcastic like, "Well, this note is in the chord so it's a good reason for playing here, and that note is in the chord so it's a good reason for playing here, and this note is not in the chord so it's not a good reason for playing in this position...", etc. Or he'd say, "Because it's the F minor scale!" That's after telling me that scales are a waste of time. Needless to say, I'm not taking "lessons" from him any more. After that, I basically gave up on the guitar for the millionth time. Then I thought I try to teach myself. I decided I'd look around for a method with a book and a DVD that would help me use the scales, etc., to understand the way the fretboard works, so I'd have a superstructure from which to build leads. I purchased several books, but none of them really "taught" anything. They'd have you memorize leads or play endless patterns with no hint as to how to use them. Then I remembered your books sitting on my shelf. I reopened them and watched your DVD again. Viola! It's just what I'd been looking for with all the teachers and method books. How could I have forgotten??? I really can't believe this happened to me. I'm chalking it up to my chronic lack of confidence. I'm always looking to others to validate what I think is correct. Well, others won't do that. They'll only validate what THEY think is correct! What an insight (ironic comment)! Also, just as a matter of interest to you, I saw some guy on the internet, recently, who has a method called, you got it, "Fretboard Logic". I'm sure you can find him on the internet, if you don't know of him already. He would demonstrate the "E" form scale playing in the key of "G" and call it the "G Scale" with no further explanation. After he piled up several "Scales" without any more explanation, he'd rip into a blues lead using those scales. His only reference was to go to his web site and down load the patterns of the scales. Even though I knew what he was doing, I was hopelessly confused within minutes. No wonder so many guitars are sitting in closets--unused--around the world. Once again, thank you so much for your method and for the countless hours you must have put into organizing this material. After 50 years of trying to learn the guitar from many, many teachers and method books, I can truthfully say that your's is the only method that makes any sense. And, from now on, I'm sticking to it and to my own convictions. Thank You, Thank You."
Tom Capel Albany OR

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Eric Dolan Boston MA

"Mr. Edwards – after 35 years of playing (including a ten year hiatus) I decided to learn theory, write some new songs etc. My primary instrument has always been bass guitar (five strings these days) but to grasp the books I was reading, I often found myself playing my old Telecaster instead of my bass. Cutting to the chase, I realized that I was getting much better on the six string and now I myself am teaching two beginners. Oddly enough, it was one of my students who bought me your book! Thankfully, your book is quite readable which matters, since it is obviously a long term study guide. Last week I played with some guys for the first time, with me on lead guitar instead of bass. It was great and perhaps more important – it was new, like starting over. I've always enjoyed playing guitar but I've finally gotten it to a place where I'm not just playing guitar – I'm playing music. Thanks for the assist and best wishes!"
Michael Peirce Talbot Atlanta GA

"I'm very anxious to get this accomplished now as, with the use of your method I no longer feel like a log floating aimlessly in a river, which most of the world's guitarists feel like at one time or another. Even the guitar gods lose their anchor now and then. Your method thus allows us non-god types to develop possibly our first anchor ever. It's really very invigorating Bill!! Thanks a million."
Tim Siekawitch Regina SK

"First, I want to thank you for the straightforward presentation style you bring to your materials. Like many of your other customers, I am finding that your material is clearing up many of the mysteries I have been pondering with respect to modes on the guitar. I think I get it now - finally, after many years! I only wish I had started with your books in the first place so I wouldn't have the baggage of these other approaches cluttering up my understanding."
Chris Yanko via the internet

"Finally, a well thought out series of books and videos that makes sense from a, well, logical point of view. A driver's handbook for the guitar. I may not end up a Formula 1 quality player, but with diligent practice perhaps I'll become good enough to at least find my way around the track. Of course I'm doing it the hard way by learning on an acoustic steel string, so to complete the driving analogy, I'm runnin' what I brung."
Rich Gribi Alpine CA

"Thank you so much for sending the Boxed Set of Fretboard Logic. I am the old, retired lady who left frantic messages on your answering machine asking to order the materials. I have a 19 year old teacher who knows very much about music but not how to teach it to others. I am having to learn things mostly on my own. Thanks to your materials I can do this, and even make use of my young teacher’s expertise. It is a kind of blessing in disguise as it sticks much better that way anyhow. I share what I learn with my teacher and ask him to confirm that I have learned it properly. I have shown him your materials and commended them to him. I hope he gets the hint and uses your materials if he wants to continue teaching guitar. So you may be helping us both, and even future students. What a blessing that you are using your teaching and musical gifts to help so many people understand and enjoy the guitar. There is even hope that this old, retired lady can make some of her own music, even yet! God bless you!"
Angela Werner Grande Prairie AB

"THANK YOU again for providing a DVD that addresses beginner up to intermediate level students warm-up exercises, and practice pieces tailored to us!"
Donald Surloff Orlando FL

"Your course Fretboard Logic has enabled me to improve my entire way of playing and understanding the guitar. Your clean presentation of chord forms, scales, lead patterns and proper use of them with your clear concepts of teaching is 'Over the Top Awesome'! Can not thank you enough for creating this course and explaining the CAGED System so well. Many many Thanks to Bill."
Ralph J Pinkerton Northern CA

"Thank you for your great contribution to guitar tuition."
Shane Hall Auckland New Zealand

"You have done an awesome job with this project! I really like the DVD. Bless you, master."
Mike Irving via the internet

"I simply wish to state my appreciation for these fine books. It is a unique take on understanding music through a guitarist's perspective while maintaining the ability to communicate to traditionally trained musicians. Keep up the good work Bill! I am a reader for life. Godspeed."
Mark Alan Porter II Bassett VA

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James Plaskett Bruehl Germany

"Hi Bill. I first picked up the guitar at 17 when I was in high school in 1994. I had a great difficulty finding a real good training book that would keep me focused and excited. As, a result I spent years - on and off trying to learn to play the guitar. I have a book shelf filled with books and dvds totaling to over $1,000 promising to teach me to master the guitar in weeks. Finally in Fall 2005, I walked in a Guitar Center store in Union, NJ and the rest was history. I was introduced to your book - Fretboard Logic volume one and two. Bill, thanks so much. Your logical approach in teaching is so incredible that I use it in my everyday life. I'm now 33, and am a great guitar player. I hold a master's degree, and am a very, very focused, disciplined and confident man who uses logic in everything he does. I owe my new way of looking at the world to you, Bill. Thanks a Billion."
Jean Damour via the internet

"I am reading the Fretboard Logic I & II book. I love it. It really makes good sense and is an excellent way to follow a structured and progressive approach to learning guitar. I've been playing for a long time and haven't made progress like this before. Please keep up the work and write more books!"
Donal Gaffney Dublin Ireland

"I really am enjoying your books and DVD. I think your approach and explanation are great and unlike anything I have seen before. I wish I would have heard about your books 10 years ago!"
Greg Montano Nutley NJ

"Thank you so much for sharing the patterns on the guitar neck with us. I truly enjoy all 3 of your books and look forward to a lifetime of musical growth putting what I'm learning into pracitice. I have played drums fanatically for over 32 years. I put them away (for now) when I started making music, thanks to your books."
Ben Eisler Quesnel BC

"Just a note to you that I purchased your complete Fretboard Logic SE DVD and books a few months ago, and after a fair amount of work and study, I was able to do something tonight that I was never able to do before, and that is to run up and down the fretboard, and really kind of know where I was. I was so excited, I called my wife in to listen so that I could show off my new found fledging skill. She was impressed and happy for me. I now know I finally have the tools (that I can understand) to do what I have always wanted to do on the guitar, and that is have total freedom to roam the fretboard at will and actually make music according to my mood! It feels like I am actually becoming unchained and your CAGED system is the key! THANK YOU!!! I will recommend your DVD and books to every guitarist I know!"
Lou Sugamele via the internet

"Thanks you so much for Fretboard Logic. It has made my guitar playing come alive, and given me the momentum to get past those dry patches when I did not know where to go next to improve my playing."
Trevor Miller via the internet

"Just wanted to say thank you ... ..your books really opened my eyes .. very cool ..uh yeah, any new stuff your working on...? I NEED MORE."
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Darin Dieu Las Vegas NV

"All guitar players (especially relatively new ones) should be locked in a jail cell with your course and favorite axe. After years of playing but just about 8 months of true dedication to your course I broke the code. Years of just playing the patterns and riffs, your course goes into just enough detail to allow those truly interested to really get it. Once you do, it will transform you into a new player. The CAGED method covers it A-Z especially the lead mystery. Thanks Bill and thanks to my daughter Christine for the GP mag where I found the Fretboard Logic ad."
Tony Molino Williamstown NJ

"First, above all else, thanks so much for the tremendous efforts you've poured into bringing to life the CAGED system for the guitar. God blessed you with many revelations!"
Mike Mazal Chesapeake VA

"I thought I was too old...and not 'musical'...turns out I just had CRAPPY teachers. I recently was a 'guest' of the Colorado DOC...another 'guest' shared his Fretboard Logic I & II and the flood gates of the guitar gods OPENED! I not only 'got it' but continue to 'get it'. My only regret is why didn't I find this knowledge when I was 10 yrs I could be a guitar god by now...OH WELL...better late than never. It's funny that in just a short while I've learned and understand stuff that so-called 'musicians' don't get and can't even come close to explaining!!! Thanks for a great tool you've given to mankind... this should be put in the Smithsonian. RockerMando! ~ you're NEVER 'too old'...ever!"
The Mando Delta CO

"Great books and dvd very helpful."
Jeff Dubuque Wallaceburg ON

"I am so excited and cannot wait until it arrives. A co-worker let me borrow his and its so wonderfully amazing."
Floyden Mugford Seattle WA

"Greetings from Germany. I bought your Special Edition a few months ago and I agree with the guitarists who think your method is fantastic. I can't wait to devour Volume III which I've just ordered."
David Halfar Oldenburg, Germany

"Thank you for creating the Fretboard Logic series. I wish that I'd had this back in 1975 when I picked up my first guitar. Took it home, started reading - light bulbs went off everywhere! Things that I had learned years ago that I thought were unrelated - merged and made sense for a change."
Tracy Howell Dothan AL

"I chuckled when I saw the title of your books include the word "logic," remembering my prior frustrations with the guitar when I was 16. Now at age 45, I bought another "first" guitar for $200 and your book. I am now certain I will be playing harmonically with other people soon. I am getting better with each page I study."
Andreas Mowka Rainbow Lake NY

"One final note - to you - I'm really impressed with your method - and I know you've heard all of this before as I've read your many testimonials - but you've found something - a very concise way to work through critical information for any guitarist wanting to actually understand what they are doing on the guitar. I've been playing for years - learning by ear - tab - and from friends. At no point did I have the understanding - until 2 weeks ago - that I have now. I'm really excited about continuing on with the material."
Rick Drumm Kill Devil Hills NC

"I love playing the guitar, but I quickly found myself frustrated by my lack of basic understanding of what was going on underneath the surface. After years of paying for "lessons" that expanded my ability only to regurgitate songs back to the teachers, I feel like I have been handed a brand new instrument full of possibilities i never imagined. It's very exciting to see that I will enjoy playing for years to come instead of letting my practice go by the wayside."
David Betcher Cincinnati OH

"Two years ago,when I saw a box set which said "Fretboard Logic" I just couldn't believe it. After I read some feedback back of the book I was kinda angry....Yeah.. Angry.. Because I've been fooled too many times and wasted my money. About a month ago I saw the ad about your book again (and I was stilling trying a lot of other books..) I was like: $#!% - I guess I'll let those publishers fool me one last time. But after I read the first 5 pages I was sorry as hell!!!!!!! This is NOT an AD: Go buy this book if you are looking at the feedback and hesitating. You'll save yourself a GIBSON!!!!!!!"
Guang Yang Edmonton AB

"Mr. Edwards, Thanks so much for the Fretboard Logic series. I've already started to work on what you've shared. You are a gifted educator. I've never seen anything of quite this caliber in 30 years of buying didactic material. I've just ordered the bass series as well. Superb. Gotta go, my guitar is waiting.... :) Best Regards."
John Bergsma Angus ON

"Sad to admit. After 40 years of cobbled riffs, chords songs etc,, I have leaned more in 4 weeks about the instrument I now enjoy -- even more than I did years gone by. Trouble was, I never met anyone, teacher or otherwise, who could explain it like Bill Edwards and the Fretboard Logic method. Even the guys that play killer riffs and "seem" to know it all have just found a better way to fool us all. I can't wait to get into Vol II. I was recently in an airport and saw a younger teenager sitting on a box (playing a guitar) waiting for his luggage with his folks. I pulled out the book and suggested if he really want to play and learn so as to create he should get this one, it's all he needs. Even my ability to form chords and play songs has improved from the CAGED forms and positions with regular practice. My advice to anyone --- buy the package, take your time and learn it well and feel great shortly after, way to go B.E.!"
Tony Molino Williamstown NJ

"I have to say that your books have been a total revelation to me Bill; my guitar playing and understanding of both the guitar and music have improved ten fold. They have brought an excitement back to my playing which I haven't felt since; well since I was a teenager."
Robin Fletcher Newport South Wales GB

"By now I have been reading books I & II and, if I might say it, they're great. Not only do they give the keys to understanding how things works on the fretboard, they also are a complete guide on how to master all scales, chords, arpeggios... Thanks a lot for these books."
Carlos Ramos Mexico

"I love the guitar and I am self taught. I am not a smart man but after a little time, it is starting to make sense. There are big holes (Grand Canyon size) in my abilities with the guitar but I can now see possibilities for even me. Thank you Bill."
Ed S. Pekin IL

"no question,,, just thanks for creating such a great video and books fretboard logic...i enjoyed the box set and have learned more useful and important things from this series...i wish you would produce a great country video..i would definitely be a buyer for sure... anyways thanks and god bless."
Ricky Wells Houston TX

"I'm sure you hear it a thousand times but what you've published is nothing short of incredible - changed my music life forever!"
James O'Hara via the internet
"I taught myself to play 30 some odd years ago so I have a lot of holes in my playing. Your system breaks down the complexities of the guitar. Your system is so simple it's amazing.I have never learned so much so fast."
James Du Beau New Richmond WI

"I've reached another plateau in my guitar playing. Something has changed. Fretboard Logic is the answer. That book has changed my perspective about the guitar, my life. In at way, I see where Stevie Ray, Hendrix and Clapton are coming from. They learned from records, but I'm coming at a different angle. It is the creme de la creme, the holy grail of guitar tutorials. At one moment I was playing, following some patterns - then revelatory lights flashed on and off in my head. The paradigm shift happened, if you will. I've finally arrived. Bill Edwards, you rock dude."
Wendell Walker Toomsuba MS

"Bill, I just wanted to join the legion of die-hard supporters in saying that this is by far the best, most efficient, easy to understand, logically organized, highly overlooked/under-rated guitar method I have ever seen. An instant classic, the Fretboard Logic series has quickly become my main workhorse for teaching guitar. It is so awesome that it is a must-have for anyone looking to understand the true nature of the guitar. Thank you so much for these wonderful tools, they have given me insight beyond any previous course of study."
Matt Zajak Franklin MA

"Bill, you opened something in me and I know it was there my whole life... that's the reason I picked up the guitar now and then, just to find out it was another mystery not to master... and then you came along... the reviews convinced me and I bought your whole package... I am a lucky guy I did. Book 1 is a must read. Book 2 is a must read. Book 3 is a must read. The DVD is great... you show it in a natural way that there is no secret... once you find it! The more I read your books the more I get involved in the mystery of the Fretboard Logic and therefore the more it keeps me going."
Michael Zimmer Spartanburg SC

"After years of struggling to follow instructions like 'Just do it this way' at which point instructor launches into a 20 second riff that I have no hope of learning, or 'Listen to the music you like and then transcribe it' when in reality I couldn't even transcribe Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Your books took me back to basics and allowed me to rebuild on a solid foundation."
Joe O'Brien Webster Groves MO

"Bill, I have your program and think it’s very good. Of course no program will do a person any good until they are willing to commit to toughing through it a little every day, until they get all it has to offer. But yours does offer a serious understanding of key fundamentals that is essential to ever “getting it”. And most importantly for me, I can see that with that effort, “getting it” is now within my grasp. After many years of false starts and falling back into the same old ruts, I think I just might finally be on the right path."
Mark Hyght San Antonio TX

"Thank you for the quick shipment of Fretboard Logic.  I received Fretboard Logic yesterday, am only on page 10, and cannot believe the incredible information I’ve already absorbed!!  I’ve been taking lessons for a little over 2 years and NOBODY has explained the fretboard as clearly as you have in these first pages!  Amazingly, you have answered questions that I have been asking other guitar players since I started—with no explanation until now.  Anyone who has struggled with fretboard questions needs to get this book and get it now! P.S. Thank you for writing this information."
Dr. Mike Williams O'Fallon MO

"I've learned more from the first ten pages than from years of other books and lessons. Thank you so much!!!!!"
DJ Zaba Shirley NY

"I am a self-taught guitarist of twenty years. There are many dozens of books in my music study library. Many of them are quite good. But Fretboard Logic is absolutely the most amazing study I have found. I wish I had started with this method. You have made learning and playing guitar simple. After digging into your books, the fretboard came alive!"
Scott Lindsey Fort Myers FL

"I started my journey as a student of music during my K through 12 experience by learning the saxophone. I had always found the saxophone to be a wonderfully simple to learn, yet highly expressive instrument. I practiced hard and participated in solo competitions and multiple honors bands throughout the state. Upon my arrival at college new friends meant new music, which brought the guitar slowly into my lifestyle. Learning guitar without a teacher presented many challenges that were not even clear to me at the time. Jamey Ambersold advocates always learning how to finger your instrument first, then learn how to get a beautiful sound, etc. Despite months of internet research and perusing through music shops for the best method book, I was extremely distraught by my inching progress. The guitar is a totally unique set up and requires a totally unique method of thinking. This is what your book has opened my eyes to. Fretboard Logic has to be one of the most competent pieces of literature EVER written for a musical instrument. It is miraculous how much my ability to express my own musical ideas has improved by working with your book. Your book is TRULY a godsend. I am forever thankful that you decided to share your knowledge with the world!"
Matthew Hranchook East Lansing MI

"In my early years as a guitarist I was shown the 5 pentatonic patterns but no relation was ever made to how they connect. When I went to college I learned a lot about fingerstyle and classical music from the professors but still did not quite understand how or why the fretboard worked the way it did. Enter Andrew Weller of Greensburg Guitar and Music. He introduced to me the Fretboard Logic series and as a result my playing has opened up and entered a whole new level of expression and freedom. Bill, you are a genius!"
Kent Hiltz New Point IN

"I came from the piano. I had made the guitar's system (fretboard and standard tuning) into a monster in my own mind. Thanks for making that boogeyman vanish into dust with a "poof" sound! Thanks also for maintaining that the solid-body electric guitar is the easiest for beginners. I'm not getting discouraged on the steel-string acoustic anymore because I'm mastering each new step on a solid-body electric first. My left wrist thanks you, too!"
Steve Blackwelder Pasadena CA

"And let me just say what a great product you guys have, it's had success with my students of all ages, and has been a huge help in stepping up my knowledge and understanding of the guitar."
Nick Woodward Woodinville WA

"I am 49 and just started playing the guitar this last Christmas. Your books and dvd are excellent and I'm glad I found them early in the game. I want you to know that I think you are extremely talented! I too have a ton of guitar books and videos but for some reason the idea of a menu really did click and it is just like those other people have written: I watched it twice and then boom! I had an understanding of how to make music without having to resort to playing songs from books like Skip To My Lou or Waltzing Matilda!"
LaDonna via the internet

"Thanks for the great products!."
Tyler Nadeau Simons MI

"I've been playing since I've been 19 yo. I'm 35 now. I've bought so much junk instruction, I can't even keep track. Your system is complete, logical, and easily arranged so anyone can grasp it. I look forward to completing the series. Outstanding product, at an extremely low cost. I look forward to more products from you in the future. Bravo, man!!"
Alan Lowery Creswell OR

"I am a working drummer that picked up guitar to be able to compose my musical ideas and impress the ladies. (lol) I must say in over 17 years of being a musician, I have never used a system as effective as Fretboard Logic. Wow! What a revolutionary approach. I wish I had this book 10 years ago. What an amazing approach to truly understanding the instrument. I have finished book 1 of 3 and have already gained such vital information about the guitar. This just may be that hidden secret that most guitar players have been looking for. Fretboard Logic Rules!!"
Jason Walker Chandler AZ

"Your course is EXCELLENT!!! I learned so much in so little time! It's awesome! I can't wait to pass on this knowledge to my newborn son!!!
Nelson Molina New Kingston NY

"I have spent a small fortune on guitar 'how to' products. This is the first system that I understand."
Mike Fox Mooresville IN

"I've recently come up with an analogy to my "taking lessons" problem with the guitar.  The body of knowledge necessary to master the guitar is like a field of grain. My taking lessons and using 'method' books is like using a pair of hand clippers to harvest the grain.  Someone says, 'Go over there, you need to get that patch' (of, say a couple of pentatonic scales), and 'Go over there and get that patch' (of say, the 6th intervals in the keys of  A and E).  What your book does is offer a full-sized, 2 story tall, 30 foot wide, reaping machine that starts the process in the north east corner and harvests the entire field."
Tom Capel via the internet.

"You have dealt with interrelated musical matters very efficiently in Fretboard Logic, yet fortunately it is not so concise that it is inaccessible. Thank you for giving something 'edible' back to society; moreover in a field where it is much needed!"
Charles Pardoe Cambridge England UK

"Thanks for writing this series. I've been playing for 30 years, studied at Berklee College of Music, and theory is FINALLY making sense from a guitar point of view. I've been trying to make the guitar work like a piano for a long time, and now I can play it like a guitar."
Charlie Carter Columbus OH

"Hi Bill, I bought a Fretboard Logic Box Set from after learning of this book from a guitar magazine a few weeks back. After going through Vol. I and Vol. 2 I am convinced that this is the best guitar learning book I have invested in. I have been playing guitar for many years and never got a good understanding of the Chords, Scales or Lead Patterns. Your books have helped me to put this jigsaw puzzle together. I agree with you that those "ready-to-use" chord books are useless. I have bought a couple of those, which really led me nowhere. I am starting to enjoy my guitar playing again. I have no hesitation introducing this book to any of my guitar-playing friends in Singapore. Once again, thank you very much, my guitar Confucius."
Alex Tan Singapore

"I've been playing for a while, but it was not until I started going through the book that I felt I became a decent guitarist. I love playing so much more than before, and it's because of how Fretboard Logic helped me to completely understand everything behind guitar. Thank you for giving me the passion for music that I have now!"
Cale Jones Chambersberg PA

"I had been playing guitar for a couple years, and had finally reached a point where I felt comfortable with my skills. However, I had no idea what direction to take from there. All the books, articles, and websites I had read were either to vague (intended for beginners), or to style specific. I saw your ad in a guitar magazine and was impressed with all the positive comments I read. I thought, "what the heck", and went ahead and bought your books. But honestly, I was not too optimistic. My whole feeling changed the day I received your first book. I was ecstatic. Here, in one surprisingly small volume, were all the answers I had been looking for. I was able to take all the pieces I had learned over the years, and put them together into one cohesive, understandable unit. Your work is truly brilliant. I will recommend this series to ANY guitar player I meet, regardless of their skill level. It is that good."
Benjamin Bryce Pima AZ

"I've been playing guitar for almost 16 years and if it weren't for your books I'd be just as lost as before. Your books have made me understand the guitar and music far beyond what I'd understand in a life-time had I continued on the path I was on. I've also discovered an even deeper passion for music that I wasn't able to even comprehend before. From the depths of my soul, THANK YOU!"
Josh L CA

"Thanks for putting out such a great set of learning materials!"
Ken Enz Albuquerque NM

"My gratitude is beyond measure. You have saved me SO much time and frustration and confusion, and I'm only @ the beginning!! I dug myself a hole by agreeing to play rhythm guitar for a final project in an introductory music class - I figured, I know a few chords, how hard can it be? How wrong I was... When we got to our first practice session, I was armed with a few pentatonic scales and I, IV, V chords, ready for action, but we weren't going to be playing in C or G like I expected, thanks to an Eb sax and a harmonica in D. Thank God I didn't have to play anything! Without your book I would have been so lost and bewildered, but luckily I had read it and had a basic idea of the fretboard layout. Now know in which direction my practice needs to go in and how much effort it really takes to play guitar. All the other guitar books are "like dust blowing in the wind" compared to the knowledge I received from Fretboard Logic. You should be awarded some type of medal for your work."
Matthew Taylor Warren ME

"Fretboard Logic is one of the best things I have ever used to improve my guitar playing! I've bought numerous guitar and scale books and read and memorized them down to the bone, but I never really understood how guitarists could play and solo all over the neck. I'd try to break away from the normal pentatonic scale and harmonic minors in one position, but the further I got the more I'd fail. I understood music theory, especially since I also have a piano teacher, so I knew the only way I could get past this barrier was to figure out proper theory for the guitar. After buying the entire set, going home and popping it into the DVD player I realized exactly what I was missing in my playing. The CAGED Sequence was the main one, and everything else offered in the SE book. After going through Video One twice (just for good measure) I finally was able to play a real blues solo. Being able to understand what's happening on the fretboard has finally helped me translate all the sounds going on in my head to my hands. I'm looking forward to continuing my learning with book two and the diatonic scales. I can honestly say that you definitely know what you're talking about!"
Jonathan Strong Columbus OH

"I don't ever believe in any one way one way/truth/light stuff. Just about everybody's got their picture of the light, and most everyone thinks they've got the best one. But in this case, of anyone who's been telling me about the specifics of guitar playing, you've got the best picture. Your book has been indispensable in this last year, and I've made some pretty astounding progress. To myself, anyway. I chuckled at several points, just at how much the book was helping with this bizarre tuning. The end where you explain that human beings often play in things called songs... You've a great sense of humor. I recommend the program to friends, and I don't understand why this thing is still a secret. FBL puts most of the books on the shelf to shame. Thanks again."
Sean Parker Nashville TN

"Just wanted to say thanks for giving so much to us guitarists. I studied guitar at an institute and this experience was my only form of training. Upon graduation I knew that my journey in music/guitar only just begun. Since then I have been learning on my own, going back to the issued books I received, but I knew something was missing, nothing would stick. I kept going back and back until I took a chance on your books/DVD, and just like that, almost overnight I retained all the information to the point where I was waking up at night wanting to practice what I just learned. I never felt so much excitement towards learning in my life. A year has passed since then and I am still sharpening up my knowledge. I truly can't get enough, your insight has opened up so much for me and now I am on this journey of starting a wonderful career of recording and touring, and it's all thanks to the Fretboard Logic series, for helping me re-learn what I thought was lost."
Travis S via the internet

"Hi Bill. Not one to normally send feedback - but I just had to comment. Your approach and COMPLETE system is just superb. I know music theory back to front, and I also knew of some of the guitar techniques you teach. You've opened my eyes to how it should be done and how quickly the guitar can be learned. Its inspiring to actually see someone pull all this knowledge together, prove that it works, and to justify the techniques in such a well informed manner. I'd advise anyone that buys the books to also buy the dvd - inspiring."
David Lim UK via the internet

"Hello Bill...I am Hal Vondenstein....just got your materials....I am convinced this revelation you had regarding Fretboard Logic is nothing short of Divine.........I have been playing guitar since age 13 (am old as dust now) and I never ceased to be confused all these years about all the teachings out there about "how to play guitar"...your books give the foundation of truth for the guitar.  I always knew there was a better understanding out there somewhere but never had the good fortune to hear about it till now....better later than never I suppose....please keep up the good work and don't stop writing these fabulous books and making these superbly precise and productive and efficient DVD instructions live......I could not put it down till I went through everything I am going back to do it again.   Thank you for coming forth with this.  You have come at a time for me when I was just stagnant and didn't see any new it is all wide open for me because you have brought me a whole and new understanding.....I am absorbing it like a just make so much sense now....till later,
Hal Vondenstein via the internet

"I have been an avid guitar player for 10 years and saw your ad in a guitar magazine. It was something along the lines of "the only guitar book you'll ever need". Well, it's true. I always knew there were specific patterns to play but never knew where to incorporate them until they "sounded" right. You have truly shaped the art of guitar instruction into something unheard of. My friends hear me play now and are in shock as to how quickly I've progressed after buying your book. The funny thing is .... I DON'T WANT TO TELL THEM YOUR SECRETS! The reason I am writing this email is because I was recently jamming to a simple track and shocked myself as to how easily I remembered and executed your methods. If only I had picked up this book 10 years ago. You are a true expert and thank you again from the bottom of my heart."
Jonathan O via the internet

"Thank you!!! I've been trying to UNDERSTAND the guitar for several years and up till now it's been just memorization. I'm finally learning WHY certain scales and chords are appropriate (or not) and I am now (for the first time) able to improvise a little and play along with my music collection. This has been money well spent (the dvd/book combo). Fretboard Logic is appropriately named!!!
Dr. Dennis Hedrick So. Charleston WV

"Thanks for the time and effort you obviously put into creating such a helpful, guitar-friendly method for learning to play. My understanding of the instrument and its place within musical structure has improved more in the last month than it has in the last four years. Thanks for rescuing me from many more months of fumbling."
Shannon Wade Boulder CO

"Upon receiving your book, I began absorbing all the vast knowledge contained in such a concise book. I have learned more in reading the first twelve pages of your book than in all my trial-and-error guess-work I have accrued over my months as a novice player. The material is presented as comprehensible input in that you provide the proper scaffolding for your students, regardless of their level of proficiency. As a result, a solid foundation of applicable knowledge is established so as to continue building upon. Genius!"
Jose Felix Corcoran CA

"I am very inspired by reading your book and viewing the DVD on Fretboard Logic Vol 1 & 2. This was the first guitar teaching book that made sense to me. I was able to memorize the scales and lead patterns in just a short span of time - thanks for making it so easy."
Denzil Davis Missouri City TX
"One of my students first brought it in and I looked it over and said wow, this is the first book that teaches the way I've been doing things for years. Before, I had to constantly write out patterns and graphs but now they're organized in one place. They really are excellent."
Steve Jolemore A&E Music Virginia Beach VA

"I've been studying your books for a few months now and I've learned way more about chords than I ever thought I'd say nothing of the layout of the fretboard.  I gotta say thanks for all the work you've done and the insights you've provided. I really can't say enough about your books...I've been studying music for forty odd years and no one ever explained chords so well. "
Rand Loftner via the internet

"This material contains so much more information than meets the eye! When you spend time practicing all the exercises shown in the book, and making sure you understand all there is to know, you progress to the next step easily. It's much easier than it seems. Especially since you can call Bill or someone on staff if you need to, and they'll answer any questions you have. I went from not knowing the notes contained in the musical alphabet to understanding how to take a song written in a certain key and rewriting it in a different one! Can you imagine? It took me a surprisingly short amount of time to make that happen. It made me feel a lot better about myself! I'd always had a problem with math in college, and I'd always heard of the correlation between math and music, yet was never able to produce much mathematically speaking. In spite of that fact, I've done great with Bill Edwards' Fretboard Logic, and I mean the entire series. I'm much better at math now! Of course, I'm much better at music as well. Frankly speaking, Mr. Edwards, I'm just better now. Thank you so much!"
Dave Crabtree Springfield MO

"Dear Bill, Guitarists of this century owe you only one thing: eternal gratitude!!! Sharing Fretboard Logic to the world is synonymous with COMPASSION AND GENEROSITY COMBINED. If only there is an award to a TEACHER/GUITARIST equal to the Medal of Valor of a soldier... Imagine pointing to this mere guitarist (39 yrs. of playing the guitar) the true pathway to "GUITARHOOD," sparing me the pain and suffering of not really knowing the fretboard after all those years, that's true compassion. But what is generosity personified was your giving the FL knowledge to other guitarists. CHRISTLIKE, isn't it? If TOP GUN training is for pilots, SCARS is for Socom, NETI YOGA for seekers of Enlightenment, then, for all serious guitarists there is FRETBOARD LOGIC METHOD. I can't ask for more. On second thought, would you give us more??? Coming from the Philippines, MARAMING SALAMAT!!! I have received your FL Combo last December 22, 2006. My most blissful Christmas with my family ever! Will be waiting for your next teaching methods."
Mr. Francis Tria Jr. Philippines 

"I started both piano and guitar lessons at about the age of 8. I loved the sound of the guitar but I found that the piano was much more logical and it came easier to me. In my lifetime I have taken guitar lessons on four different occasions and stayed with it each time for over a year and every time I would come to the conclusion that it just didn't make sense to me like the piano does. I have an advanced degree in music and I am a very good musician who understands music theory but the guitar left me confused and frustrated. I've even bought those bible-sized books with a thousand scales in them and thought "this is not how you learn scales" but I didn't know how and where to get the answers that I wanted. Yesterday I found your book at a local music store and sat down with my guitar on my lap and a yellow highlighter pen in my hand. All of a sudden all of the pieces that I have been struggling with came together. I am so excited about what your book is showing me. I want to shout to the world that 'I am understanding it!' As soon as I devour this book I'll be back for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Suzanne Chimenti Damascus OR

"I just received the books two weeks ago and have already experienced the 'ahas' that others have referred to. I have owned a guitar on and off since 1978 and have not made much progress in the intermittent attempts to teach myself. I have also had bad luck with teachers, the two times I tried to go that route. You're explanations are clear and complete and I cannot thank you enough. I'll be back with more feedback as I get further into it. Hopefully my 49 year old fingers don't balk too much. My favorite quote from Shakespeare is apt here: 'Thanks, thanks and ever thanks!' - Sebastian to Antonio in Twelfth Night"
David Harum Attleboro MA

"I cant believe this! I was at the point of giving up on finding a good learning method. I cant believe how easy to understand this was! Thank you! I'm not even done with book 1 right now but I've learned more than I have in 2 years with guitar lessons!"
Lindsay G Londondery NH

"I've been practicing your patterns since about March. I sound like a rock star....and my guitar playing is pretty good, too. made a difference in my life for the better . Thanks pal. I spent 4 hours playing along with the radio, today. Up to the middle of book 2."
Jeff Matteran via the internet

"WOW. I was on vacation in Florida and picked up the Fretboard Logic book at Guitar Center. I have also bunch of learning books at home. I've played for 25 years, some classes here and there, and play sometimes very complicated stuff.. But until Fretboard Logic I honestly thought, I am just not smart enough to get it. At page 12, I had some tears in my eyes (yeah, my soft side). !2 pages and everything started to make sense. Unbelievable. You deserve a nomination. Thanks so much."
Peter Busboom San Francisco CA

"Finally, after 30 years, it makes sense. Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful approach to the guitar."
Brent Torgrimson Atlanta GA

" I'm 55 and I've messed around with the guitar off and on since I was 16 will little effect. But it is great fun. Part of the drive is the mystery of music. But the mystery has also been the source of much frustration and the cause of the many starts and stops...many starts and stops. I bought Fretboard Logic several years ago but just recently opened them up. WOW!!! This is what I've been looking for...real information about music and especially the guitar!!! Thanks a bunch for your hard work. I can actually feel a riff coming on...and in context!!! Awesome!!"
Lee Sutterfield San Antonio TX

"This might sound odd but I've just purchased your box set with DVD’s without owning a guitar. Don’t get me wrong I purchased the set so that I could study the material to see if it was easy to understand and if I felt I could learn how to play. If the material was to complex and I was unable to understand it I would just lose out on the price of the material. Well I have since studied book 1 and find it extremely easy to understand (mind you I have never played an instrument before) and have purchased a guitar. I can’t wait to begin learning. You truly have a great product. I will keep you updated on my progress. P.S. Can’t wait for Fretboard Logic III to come out on DVD. Again you have an amazing product."
Michael Hernandez Las Cruces NM

"I write you this message or E-mail to tell you how great an experience it has been for me to start learning the GUITAR using the Fretboard Logic method. From what I have learned in the first book, I get the feeling that I got a good start. And what makes me feel better is that this is the first ever GUITAR method book that I've used. God bless Guitar Player for sending me a free sample of their magazine, so that I could see the The Fretboard Logic Series and buy them. I guess all I and the others that are learning to play the GUITAR have to say is THANK YOU for thinking about writing these books for us."
Alain Dieujuste via the internet

"OK, thanks is not enough, especially since I'm 53, and have tried to figure out guitar since I was 10. Bought all the Mel Bay, plus at least a hundred songbooks. And I was a trained woodwind player. But I couldn't make sense on the guitar. I've had your book for a week, and I get it. I'm feeling satisfied. I got a thrill a minute ago when I was improvising on the 1st lead pattern, and found myself on the very last fret of the highest string! I never even imagined that I would ever get there. You did a good job. You have fulfilled a purpose, many fold."
Jeff Sterling Miami FL

"Dear Fretboard Logic Folks, I can now, because of your amazing I & II, play with any band, in any key and any song. OH YES I CAN. I've got a gift out of your book! I know my guitar beautifully now! We are finally friends, and it keeps getting better. I instinctively know what note I'm going to hit anywhere on the fretboard. We have become one. I'm so happy and so grateful to be able to know my guitar so well. Thank you."
John C Uhrhan Walla Walla WA

" Bill, I am a piano player that has taken to guitar simply because it's portable. I travel a lot for my job and I get frustrated by not being able to play. So I drag a guitar along simply to keep my ears listening. Anyway, I bought your Fretboard Logic DVD in the hopes of getting my head around WHY the neck was configured the way it was. And my complements to you for a fabulous explanation. Your video coupled with my musical knowledge has given me a perfect approach to actually mastering the guitar with as much confidence as I have with the piano. And your emphasis on the language used to differentiate guitar specific language from musical language is a jewel. I am now looking forward to mastering all five chord and scale forms as well as both [lead patterns]. Thank you for an exceptional presentation of a challenging topic."
Mark Sanderson Naples FL

"Really like your work!!!! Cheers on clarity, focus, and practicality!  I see a genuine style to your thinking (and I like it) and as a guy who has searched for a practical tome on the art of thinking in general, can you suggest a book on the art of effective thinking, logic, etc., that is not too heavy on the archaic and esoteric?  Few people learn to use their minds as clearly as you have... I have a strong suspicion that you have not limited your study to the guitar.  I know you are VERY busy.  Just a quick title of a book would be enormously appreciated!  If you are too busy that is fine.  People like you are rare and refreshing.  Soldier on my good man.  God bless, and may you also reap loads of money.  THANK YOU!"
R Fenderman via the internet

"DUDE THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! You really know what you are talking about! It is funny, because I was losing interest in the guitar because I took away my crutch - playing with Gun's N' Roses tapes. I didn't know what the heck I was playing and how to connect the scales at all. But now I've got the interest back and all I have been thinking about is guitar! Thank you!"
Phillip Parramore St Paul MN

"Great books, and even greater support from the author from faq and email support."
Jim Phillips via the internet

"I must admit I was a bit skeptical about ordering you product after reading all the crap on the internet. But I'm glad I did, I just started reading the first book and I have learned a bunch. I have played guitar for years but have never advanced beyond my current level, mainly due to lack of understanding the interface as you describe exactly and clearly. I'm quite busy and have little time but the little time I do have will be quality learning time.Your product is very well organized and I am looking forward to working with it and learning all I can to become a better player."
Mike Conroy Harrington Park NJ

"I received your Fretboard Logic SE and book III. I have been playing for 23 yrs and have had trouble along the way with scales and modes. I have had at least 10 different guitar instructors who "tried" to show me. At the time I knew the scale forms (penatonics) but could not move forward from all the hype the instructors taught. From patterns, to numbers and being told modes are just emotions. Well I got your books for Christmas this year. I FINALLY GET IT!!!!! I have always wanted to play like my guitar heroes, Satriani, Vai etc., but just could not figure out what they were doing!!!! I have had your books literally for 5 days. I have studied and practiced for 8 hours each day. At the music store the other night some of the kids there wanted to know where i took lessons and I told them about your books. They asked if I am a teacher, at first I almost said no, but upon learning so much I am going to start teaching. Mr. Edwards you are the GENIUS of guitar. Thank you so much for making things easy and in layman's terms so there is no more confusion. ROCK ON,"
Jimmy B Dayton OH

"I am retired for 3 years and made learning to play an instrument part of my retirement goals .Started of by taking a few lessons with a teacher I decided to continue on my own armed with some flashy Guitar for Dummies books and a Chord Dictionary. As a former computer specialist it was troublesome to find any logic in what I was doing and my progress was very slow and cumbersome (although my lovely wife thinks some of my stuff is worth listening to.) A few days ago I came across your Fretboard Logic Books 1 and 3.  Book # 1 was an eye-opener and a delight to follow your logical instructions. While I was under the impression only A and E shaped forms are useful for barred forms I am now getting the kick out of using your CAGED techniques to find my way around the fretboard and expanding on using C G and D shaped forms as well. I can tell you I am thrilled. Can't wait to start working on Book # 2 which I ordered immediately. With your help I have a much better understanding of the fretboard now and hopefully one day become a better player as well (and my dogs won't run for cover when I strap on my good old Strat.) Will recommend your books wherever my musical path takes me."
Peter Spodzieja Vancouver Island BC

"Mr Edwards, Your books have helped me more than two different guitar teachers. They were great players and good guys but they just could not make the guitar make sense the way you have. Every time I meet someone who is starting guitar or has a kid who is, I tell them they need to get Fretboard Logic. Nothing can get you sounding cooler, faster, than your books. Thanks."
Randy Morrow Bakersfield CA

"I am so impressed with the value inside the beautifully laid out information found in Fretboard Logic I & II. Thank you for lifting the veil, as well as illuminating the way along my guitar's fretboard! *Amazing* Now I understand exactly why I've been doing things a certain way, and I now see what I've been missing as I used my ear with trial and error to put music together. (A rhyme to da reason.) This book, 'Fretboard Logic' will enable anyone to become a much better guitar player. ANYONE!"
John Craig Uhrhan Walla Walla WA

"Your stuff is just too good for guitarists not to be aware of it."
Federico Garcia Cartegena Spain

"I have Fretboard Logic SE Volumes 1 and 2 combined and I think it's the greatest book for guitarists since the invention of paper."
Randy Johnson via the internet

"After years of wishing I could play, I decided I'm serious this time. A friend recommended your book, but I never saw it at any of the stores I happened to be at. The other day while browsing at Guitar Center I settled on a new book when suddenly another customer walked up and said, "If your looking for a book you have to get this one." It was Fretboard Logic SE." He was buying his third copy for a friend of his, and I bought a copy too. After just a few days with the book I am thrilled by your method and cannot wait to practice every day. Great system, and what a great marketing staff - Satisfied Customers - what a concept!"
Mike Peters Castle Rock CO

"The Fretboard Logic Series has been the most fun guitar book(s) I have ever used. My only limitation now are my mechanics. Your books and DVD have allowed me the opportunity to play like I always imagined if I put in the time to absorb the muscle memory. Once you can improvise on your own, the passion for playing the guitar is much stronger and takes you to even higher levels. Thank you for providing the doorway to this insight and knowledge."
Chuck Lafferty Mesa AZ

"I am very impressed with your work and system. Fretboard Logic is doing it all for me. Providing an understanding of concepts and absolutes and then transposing them into the creative world of making music on a 6 string guitar. You've done wonders to help gel ideas and notions never truly grasped before and to make sense of the technical, absolute, and creative all at the same time. Thank you."
 Ken Pullen Lakewood OH

"I am 14 years old and started playing acoustic guitar about 4 years ago. My parents paid for lessons for a couple of years using the Suzuki Method.They were satisfied because I learned to play songs but I wanted to know more than just playing a note because my teacher says to. I wanted to know why a note or a chord has its name. Eventually I quit my lessons and met an electric player at school. He let me borrow his Fretboard Logic Special Edition during my 6th period and I loved it. I bought my own after that and have loved this style of teaching since. Thank you."
Jeremy Langford Knoxville TN

"I have been 'playing' guitar for 20 years. I never really improved. One read through and my eyes popped. The 2nd read they popped more. I get it. It links together all the bits and bites that I have gathered over the years. I am going through each lesson and trying to really embrace 'getting good'. If my skills have not improved, my enthusiasm has. Thanks."
Matt Conley Chapel Hill NC

"I'd like to tell you how many ways FL SE has improved my understanding of guitar playing but I could go on forever - thanks for a brilliant concept! I wish I'd found your book 20 years ago."
Gordon Clark Javea Spain

"Bill, I started playing around with a guitar 35 years ago when my Dad was in a jazz band locally, and I would "sneak" his Gibson ES125 out of its case after school, but before he came home from work, as that was my window of opportunity to "fool around" with it. He eventually caught me, and instead of whippin' me, he bought me my own. I've been playing ever since, but never grasped that what I was doing could "make sense" (via the CAGED sequence method) until I was introduced to your books. Thank you. I had to unlearn a lot to get on the right track. But I'm using what I intuitively picked up over years and learning, and everything is falling into place.I'm reminded of a Twilight Zone episode where an old professor contemplates suicide until the spirits of old students unite to intervene, and let him know precisely how influential his teachings were in each of their lives. You are that teacher for me. I was born with spina bifida and am confined to a wheelchair, but you made the world of music more accessible to me and I appreciate your efforts."
Ken Bradby Williamsburg VA

"Hi Bill! I would like to thank you for developing such an excellent instruction package in Fretboard Logic and for helping me advance my playing so quickly. I have been playing guitar for over fifteen years but never really "got" how to link up the fretboard. This eventually led to a period of time in which I stopped playing but recently I picked up a guitar mag and saw the ad for Fretboard Logic. I had this feeling that your course was different from the rest and would work for me. After one weekend of watching the SE DVD and working through the book, I gained more knowledge than I picked up from all my previous years of playing!  I will be sure to pass on how great this course is to anyone interested in the guitar. Thank you again for getting me back on track and giving my playing the boost that it needed! Best regards."
Ryan Kliciak Calgary AB      

"I want heap more lavish praise on your books and DVD. I think I have everything you did, and I love it. With your instruction, my guitar playing is growing at a speedy, pleasing clip. I'm definitely thrilled. Thanks a million (to the tenth power.)"
Andy Osburn Sacramento CA

"Great series!  Sadly, I learned more about the guitar in the first 30 minutes of your DVD than I did in 1.5 years of private lessons."
Steve Freeland Fremont CA

"I have been playing for about 10+ years and I have not owned a better guitar book. I bought your book Fretboard Logic SE and got the DVD combo a couple of months ago and I can t tell you how much I have learned from them both. I have had plenty of guitar instructional books but yours seems to break down the guitar to a language that I can understand. I find it helpful to read the book and then throw the DVD into my computer, strap on my guitar, and dive into a true guitar learning experience! I now teach using this easy to learn material. Thanks, Bill."
Chaz Burks Ogden UT

"About three months ago I bought your book Fretboard Logic SE. I've only been playing for about 4 and 1/2 months and I've had numerous people try to explain guitar technique and theory to me and they just couldn't seem to explain it to the point where I could grasp it, but you have successfully completed the tasks. Thanks for your intellect. I'm very quickly becoming a much better guitar player. Keep it up."
Brittany Bryant AR

"Great Book. NO TYPOS!!!!!!! There were no spots past which I could not go due to a typo or incomprehensible concept. This alone puts this book in a class by itself. ALL of the other crap I've purchased committed this sin many times over. The absolute worst book was by Randy Savage. Yeah, the one who published your ideas (I assume they are public domain or you licensed the ideas to Randy Savage) [Editor's note: We did not issue any such license.] in the "Story of the Red Strat." or whatever, book. That book had several errors of all types on EVERY PAGE. And there was no where to go to get the subsequent massive confusion addressed. Thank you very much."
Tom Capel Long Beach CA

"I'm in the Portland Oregon area and would definitely be interested in attending a workshop in the North West if and when they come together, and I'm sure you've heard it countless times, but thank you very much for the Fretboard Logic series! The explanations are unbelievable. The leap from confused, struggling guitarist to competent, confident guitarist has been so quick and exhilarating its made me dizzy – In a good way!  Thank you very, very much. Best regards,
Keith Monaghan Portland OR

"Years ago I worked in LA at a music store just across from Capitol Records. It was a popular 'Mom and Pop' kind of store and while I was there I got to meet a lot of famous guitarists and rub elbows with all kinds of seasoned players. Although we had a lot of different guitar books in stock, the whole time I was there we never sold anything but Fretboard Logic, and we always sold out."
Tony Waters Houston TX

"I have been playing music on a variety of instruments for over 30 years, including every string in my junior high orchestra. Suffice to say that my musical education has been extensive. Having made the guitar my primary instrument for most of these years, you can bet I've collected shelf upon shelf of all those method, style, or whatever books. I can only say this: thank you! Spending years of applying my musical education to my playing left me bored with myself & I very nearly put aside my lifelong love affair with the guitar. I read all the testimonials about Fretboard Logic in all the magazines for years; only after finding a copy of FBL-SE & actually seeing it for myself with my own eyes did I realize that the problem was my perspective. I cannot thank you enough for your labor of love as it has given new life & even fire, to my own playing. Audience feedback has always been my personal measure of my abilities. After applying just the basics of your system, my audience & fellow band-mates wanted to know why I had held back for so long! The reason? Because of your book I finally learned HOW to play my guitar. Over 30 years later, & though we have never met, you are hands down the most influential teacher I've ever studied with! Again - Thank You!
Greg Anderson Mesa AZ

"Dear Master Guitarist. I did receive my [DVD] order, thank you. It is better than I could have imagined. Really opened me up to some progressions I had never considered and will be a great aid in songwriting. What A find. Thank you again for a great product."
James Myl Long Beach CA

"First of all I don't think I can add anything except you must be one thinking dude! Why didn't anyone tell me this stuff when I was learning to play 20 some odd years ago? Thanks and thanks for writing the books - they are priceless and I recommend them to everyone learning the guitar."
Don Duggan Bethesda MD

"Yeah I just wanna thank you for making Fretboard Logic, it gave me the fundamentals to help me build everything else off of. Keep up the good work."
Matt Richards Sacramento CA

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent books. I have been playing on and off trying to teach myself how to understand the fretboard and how chords are named for 25 years. In 30 minutes your book has taught me every note on the fretboard. I am actually starting to understand all the books on music theory I have read over the years. I can't believe how much it has all started to come together for me. You are a genius! I wish I would have seen your books when I first started to play. It would have saved me a lot of wasted time and expense. Once again thank you. I have to get back to the book. I can't wait to see what is next!!!
Larry Byrd Seymour IN

"Well, I'm going to have to comment on your book "Fretboard Logic" it's the special edition with Volumes one and two in it. I've been playing pretty steadily for about two years, haven't had lessons, I went out and bought a funky Epiphone "Basher" and just started fiddling, after seeing your advert in this month's issue of Guitar Player the first thought that came to mind was "This has to be a scam," so I poked around on Amazon and only found a couple of mediocre reviews, [one] having to do with "my hands aren't big enough" etc. So I decided to pick up a copy of your book, I've been using it for about a week and I must say that it is probably the best method book I've picked up. Thanks for writing such a great work."
Thomas Ales Sweden

"I recently purchased your Fretboard Logic book and indeed, I can already feel the learning curve tilting in my favor.  I was a bit skeptical before, but am a believer now."
Alister Sun via the internet 

"I've "played" at the guitar for 30 years. I love all 8 of my guitars. My wife thinks I'm nuts because I play them every chance I get, but all I've really done is play at it. Fooling around trying to discover the hidden things that just won't jump out of that thing. I know lots of licks, and a few months later I have to relearn them because I forget where they are, why they worked then and why they don't now. Well, I bought your volume 1 a year ago when I was searching for some help on how to learn more about this great instrument, but the packaging looked pretty plain, no fancy rock stars on the cover, you know, no Madison Avenue slickness to it, so I let it sit on the shelf with my other zillion guitar instruction books and videos for a year. Then last Saturday, I was bored and put your Volume 1 of Fretboard Logic in my vhs player and ate a sandwich and chips and watched you talk and demonstrate your approach to this wonderful instrument that I've been in love with since I first played at age 11. When you first appeared on the screen, I said to myself, geeze, this guy looks more like an electrician or math teacher, not a guitarist. You were so, well, plain looking. I figured, "Oh boy, here we go with the practice the scales and memorize the scales shit." Within a few minutes I almost had a panic attack as I realized what you were showing me. Completely blown away by what you were saying is an understatement. I ordered the entire set on DVD, books and all, with next day service as fast as I could make my fingers fill in the order form. I've been going through all of this great stuff with stellar joy and wonderment at what you've unlocked and shown. I'm a changed guitarist because my mind approaches the instrument in a totally different way! What fun! You figured out this thing in a way I've never heard or seen anywhere before, ever, and you've been kind enough to share it with thousands of us out there looking for the Rosetta stone that will unlock this great instrument we're in love with. I own two great Martins, three Taylors including a 912-C and a 914-CE, an artist series Paul Reed Smith, two Custom Strats, and none of them would do the trick and make me a better player, until I saw your approach to the instrument.  Thank God I'm still young enough to have lots of years of playing left. I'm really going to have a ball now with my guitars. You are a genius! You are also incredibly amazing to have shared your discovery and enthusiasm for this instrument with all of us. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the masters out there would never think of sharing this sort of knowledge with others, they'd simply take advantage of it and rock out in front of the crowd, amazing everyone. "Thanks" is not even close to what I owe you for this wonderful thing you've shared with all of us who love the guitar.You are a totally cool genius.
Michael E. Cantrall Sacramento CA

"Dear Mr. Edwards, thank you so much for what you have done, I have been playing guitar for about 3 years now and had no clue of what I was doing. Now thanks to you I am confident enough to say that I have as much musical knowledge as my hero Jimmy Page. I am declaring that you are the Einstein of this decade. Thanks for everything."
Mike Albuquerque NM

"First off I want to say I really enjoy and have learned a lot from what I've read of Fretboard Logic SE. I've learned more in the first 25 pages than I have in one and a half years of guitar lessons, although I am primarily self-taught. Thanks for the great books."
Ryan Lysaght, Harrisburg PA.

"I have been playing guitar for only a year and a half but because of Fretboard Logic I feel that my personal understanding of the guitar is far beyond that of others with the same or even a greater amount of experience. When I first bought it I was unsure because of its size but within a day I was able to comprehend concepts which were much more advanced than anything I had tackled before. It is simple and comprehensive and has given immediate results in my ability to play and understand guitar. Quite simply the best ten dollars I've ever spent and the greatest investment in my guitar playing that I have ever made."
Maxwell Borkenhagen San Jose CA

"I am a big fan of your Fretboard Logic books, and currently own all the books and DVD. You are a creative genius...your books are the guitar bible to me."
Michael Ritacco via the internet

"Thanks again for your excellent method, it is awesome. I'm one of those guys that had been playing for about 30 yrs and had pieced together parts of your "logic" but never put it all together the way you have. You have made an awesome contribution to guitar players and teachers everywhere."
Jeffrey Spencer via the internet

"Recently while visiting new friends here in Australia, their son Simon was playing guitar, (quite well I might add.) I was mesmerized and a bit embarrassed to mention that I also like to play. I have been dabbling since 1974. Learning music theory and various "methods" from books, plus a year of music theory in college was all I had to my credit. I've always learned by ear, repetition, practice. I know lots of pieces but no real depth, tending to stagnate when I had reached a plateau of my own repetitions. I would learn more the next time I was able to see someone else play something "new" to me. After watching Simon shuffle through numerous songs and styles, I decided secretly to search for a new approach to learning this instrument. I stumbled onto Fretboard Logic while surfing the web. I'm glad I did, what a pure approach to this unique beauty called the guitar. After years of bumbling around aimlessly on the fretboard, let me say thank you for putting things into perspective. I have really enjoyed the first book, learning about chords and the caged sequence and unlearning some bad habits as well. Together the DVD and books are unravelling years of semi confusion and replacing it with understanding. Your teaching has brought out basics plus advanced ideas in a brilliant combination. Well done ! I'm 2 weeks into the books and DVD and can honestly say it makes more sense now than in 30 years of self teaching. I wish I had these books to start out with years ago. Much appreciated Bill, good on ya mate!
Barry Robinette Healesville, Victoria Australia

"On a personal level your books changed my life.  I am 54 and have been playing guitar since I was a teen, but was never able to unlock the music I heard in my head.  You have done something very special for those of us who love music and want to express ourselves through the guitar.  Please accept my most sincere appreciation for what you have given me, and of course you know from how deeply comes this emotion."
Frank Kearney via the internet

"The testimonials are hardly surprising.You may have inadvertently rendered all other guitar instruction obsolete (or, at least less relevant). I am sure I do not have to tell anyone that musicians can be competitive (talent, technique, knowledge, acquisitions, acquaintances, Etc.). So I am grateful for your insight, but am also fascinated by your unabashed willingness to share this profound six-stringed wisdom which easily could have set you apart from the rest of the guitar-slinging world. Without becoming too long-winded or "religified," I will thank you not only for your genius and hard work, but your very humble sharing of same as well. I am sure you are not ready to go out, but you have certainly hit the high note."
Alan Methuen MA

"I've played guitar for 30 years, but now with your course materials I can finally say I'm officially beginning 'to learn how to play the guitar today.' This brings on a new and great feeling both spiritually and creatively. I feel I now can see a future, my future where I can say in some official manner 'I'm a guitarist. A real guitarist!'"
Tim Siekawitch Regina, Sask..

"Thank you Bill. I've just looked through 1 and 2, now that I've quit my day job, and am teaching and writing music full time. The value of the material and specifically the way you have laid it out solves a lot of little problems and mysteries for a logical way of teaching this stuff. Good Job."
Bruce Dean Burns Lake BC

"I quit taking guitar lessons long ago because I was frustrated with the lack of system, although my teacher was an excellent blues and rock and player and a good man, and he did his best to provide system by combining rudimentary music theory with very dry, iterative passages. I then started playing by ear very early and began learning that way, by mimic, with some minimal theoretical looks at the pieces that interested me most. I had viewed various teaching materials, never finding anything that could bring it all together and truly unlock the instrument for me. I was tooling through one day, and stumbled across your humble-looking books, finding that virtually every bit of feedback complimentary. Having purchased and worked through all of the first book, plowing through the second and third volumes, I have new-found analytical and improvisational skills and ambitions with the guitar. I have some friends that have asked about learning to play, and the first thing out of my mouth is always "Bill Edwards, Fretboard Logic, Vol. I-III, and DVD." If only I was working your system from the beginning, there's no telling where I would be now. Thank goodness I found your books when I did. I simply won't let anyone else learn guitar without referring them to the Fretboard Logic Series. Thank you, and thank you again. Not only have you created a great product that sells at a very reasonable price that reflects considerable time, understanding, and fine-tuning, but you have done a service to the instrument. Congratulations, and thanks once more."
Brad Cogwheel Houston TX

"I have all your books, videos and now the DVD, I have learnt more from them than any other source."
Sean Downhill via the internet

"Fretboard Logic has opened up a new world."
A. Push Richmond VA

"Thank you for revolutionizing guitar pedagogy."
Gary Men kin Jacksonville FL

"Dear Mr. Edwards, I wish to extend my gratitude and as well as congratulations for your brilliant "Fretboard Logic" instruction book. It is simply logical, concise, and in a world of useless volumes of guitar instruction books, outstanding! My sincere wishes for your continued success and that of your fine instructional series."
Walter G. Tortilla via the internet

"I have been in medical research for the last 7 years and have learned that the best way to master difficult subjects is to search through as many sources as possible to understand the big picture. In my quest to learn how to play the guitar, however, I was disappointed to find that no collection of different guitar books afforded me the same insight into playing the guitar. That all changed when I stumbled upon your Fretboard Logic series. Now I can interpret the mysterious vernacular of the guitar as well as work out songs on the fretboard without completely relying on tablature. I know how challenging it can be to communicate difficult subjects in a manner that is clear and understandable. Therefore, I have a great appreciation for the time and effort you put into writing these books. Thank you for sharing your insights and providing such a valuable resource."
Joseph A. Veto, Ph.D. American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry University of Kansas

"Hi Bill! I just finished volume 1 of fretboard logic and I have to say it's the best guitar instruction manual I've read. Actually, I've just finished it for the 2nd time, and it's making a hell of a lot more sense this time (takes my mind a bit to wrap around anything mathematical/musical). I've just purchased volume II and I can't wait to start it – but I'm going to wait a while and practice working through volume I again. Thanks for the great work."
Adrian Bos via the internet

"I am really having fun learning from your Book and DVD SE editions. You mix learning and fun in a perfect way that keeps my interest healthy."
Alfonso Castro Los Angles CA

"All I can say is that all of the feedback letters I have read in your books is dead balls on the money.  I purchased the SE book combo of book 1 and 2.  I have spent so much on "other" books that are relatively useless.  Sitting in my favorite office, the bathroom, I finally understand the CAGED system that my guitar teacher tried to put in perspective.  It makes sense to me now.  Can't believe that all these years, all that money, and all those took a few readings of your pages and it makes sense now."
Ed Spinelli via the internet

"My guitar experience over the last 15 years - I've invested a fortune in personal lessons, several university classes, songbooks, instruction books and countless hours. I've enjoyed this effort in learning the guitar but hadn't been able to fully understand or apply the art of improvisation without stealing from other pieces or just 'winging it by ear'. In short, I've assimilated more practical information in the last 2 years using the Fretboard Logic than I had previously learned in all the 15 years combined. These books are INVALUABLE!! THANK GOD FOR BILL EDWARDS!!"
John Richardson via the internet

"By the looks of your books & website, you don't need any more feedback, but I agree with all of it. The Fretboard Logic books are the most important books I've ever read about the guitar (I bought them all, along with the first video). They answered questions I had since first beginning to play the guitar at age 7 or 8. If someone had been able to show me this stuff back then, I would have progressed so much faster. Most of my lack of progress in guitar over the years came from a frustration of not knowing what on earth I was doing. That bugged me. Now I know!
Tim Colby via the internet

"Thanks for your timely, thoughtful and personal answer. I am impressed. You seem to really care about your readers. They are by far the best guitar instructional books that I have found. They support well the formal instruction and personal discovery that I have experienced thus far."
Ken Gledhill via the internet

"Fretboard Logic rocks. I just got a version of SE and have fallen in love with what you have published. Thanks for making things I have been doing intuitively visible."
Ned Nerdin via the internet

"I wanted to tell you, first of all, how excited I am about your Fretboard Logic book the first edition, the first volume. I've been through the first one and I'm learning things I never thought I could learn. It's just great. Thank you very much."
Steve Carrier Grand Rapids MI

"I just finished Volume I of your SE of FL (and I just ordered Vol. III and the DVD from Amazon) and just can't believe it.  I've played guitar on-and-off for the last 25 years, tried all types of "book methods" (Alfred, Mel Bay, etc.), and had just about given up. But I saw someone play recently that inspired me and thought "let's try this ONE MORE TIME."  I was at a Guitar Center store and saw your book, so I bought it to give it a try.  After reading the testimonials before starting the book, I thought, "Give me a break."  Well, praise Jesus (or should I say "Bill").  Things came together like never before.  Where have you been the last 25 years of my playing?  And why don't people at major music stores have your books for ALL beginners to learn from at the beginning.  It's a cryin' shame. Anyway, I can't wait to develop my own style and put into practice what I've learned. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!
Gary Afferino via the internet

"I just want to say that Fretboard Logic is truly THE best book ever written on the meaning behind the fretboard. I've been playing guitar off and on for about 4 years and I have to say that I've learned more in two days with your book than I have in the past four years getting tabs off of the internet. Now the fretboard doesn't scare me as much now. Slowly but surely I am on my way to becoming a master. I just want to say thanx for your book and thanx to the guy that was in the music store when I asked for a good book for beginners that are trying to learn the logic behind the fretboard. You have another fan now and I'll recommend this book to anyone who wants to start playing."
Jason Rushing United States Navy Norfolk VA

"I would just like to say that the Fretboard Logic series is the best guitar manual I have ever used. AMAZING. I've taken lessons, but my teachers always got frustrated with me because the way they explained things just didn't connect, they assumed everything they were telling me was simple. The thing is, everyone understands the guitar in a different way, and this book helps all guitarists from all angles and styles. I love it. I was just curious if there will ever be a Fretboard Logic for mandolin, because my friend is very interested. Keep up the great work,"
Jacob Rosenblum

"You must get tired of getting letters of praise for your system, Fretboard Logic! I am almost done with book II, and my playing has jumped, leaped out of this world. Your books are the bomb, the light bulb going off, the tool chest etc.... I've only been playing 4 yrs., but people tell me that I sound like I've played a lot longer. Thank you very much for Fretboard Logic. I tell everyone its the system. Please send book III. Too bad there's not another book?"
Charles Deighan Ft. Pierce FL

"I can't thank you enough for what your system has done to my playing. After a couple of years of mediocre playing and no instructor to guide me I purchased volumes 1 and 2 thinking it was just going to be another boring lesson plan but I was wrong. I now know the entire fretboard like the palm of my hand. It's great that you explain everything with such simplicity as others try to make everything seem like it's a big magic trick that they don't want to reveal. The diagrams and text are really easy to understand and explain everything so clearly. I am now light years beyond where I would have been and now when I play out alot of people ask how I know so much at such an early age and try to copy some of my trickery. What's great is these volumes apply to all types of music it's not just for blues, rock, or neo classical. These books will benefit any player and there is no limits as to how much you can learn other than complete mastery of the great instrument that is the guitar. You should always strive to be the best you can be, right? Here's to it."
Chris Ells Denver, CO

"I own all of your fretboard logic books and they have been extremely helpful over the years. I'm really grateful to you for writing them."
Daniel Busch via the internet

"Thanks for creating a guitar method that cuts through the "how" and gets to the "why". As an engineer, this is the kind of presentation I can relate to. I wish I had your books ten years ago."
Wayne French Pflugerville TX

"I gotta tell you that your teaching system is excellent.  I am only saying this as a long time wanna be guitar player. You see I am 52 now and have had my guitar since 1972. I tried to get it going off and on through those years with no success.  I guess I am one who needed your no rote system.  In a few months I can honestly say that I now know a lot about the fretboard. I am inspired to get into theory and I have something keeping me going.  I guess the framework forms and patterns have given me a reason to keep going. So I wish you continued success with your efforts and thank-you very much for putting this system out for all to learn with."
Ray Sebastion Saanichton BC

"Your system rocks."
Rahul Shakur via the internet

"Yes I have received my order and am very pleased, where have you been all my life!? Thanx."
Charles Hodnett Conyers GA

"Thank you for your wonderful materials. I'm using the special edition of I & II. Book I sure makes fretboard life more understandable, enjoyable, less stressful at hitting that sour note in the middle of a passage, more relaxed and tuneful. Getting into Part II this week. Only been playing 40 years."
Rick Lonon Elfland NC

"First off, I would like to tell you that your system is awesome.  I have gotten much better since using Fretboard Logic.  I would like to thank you for your contribution."
Gokul Yaratha via the internet

"I have just got a hold of a copy of the boxed set of Fretboard Logic. I have been playing for about 20 years and have come across, individually, most of the concepts you touch upon. However I have never seen such a wonderful perspective regarding putting everything together. This book will improve both my playing and my teaching and I thank you. Thanks again."
Dr. S.C.W.Richardson CBiol MIBiol, Iowa City, IA

"Thank you for a great system. I've learned more about my guitar in the last month than the previous 5 years."
Derek Gaertner Venice CA

"I'm 30 years young - started playing guitar at 15 - started playing with girls at 18 - wife says I did not do well in either instance. But - after working through Vol. I of Fretboard Logic there is still hope - (in the first instance.)
John Pope Littleton NC

"I've just bought books I & II and the DVDs, great stuff, I've been playing for 15 years and haven't learned anything new for about 10 of those, until I got your books. I was doing a lot of the stuff already but didn't realize how they were interconnected."
Oison Margey Tempe AZ

"Mr. Edwards, all I have to say is thank you. I thought I would never be able to play lead coherently but after finally making sense of the scale forms and how they tie into each other I feel like I finally know what I am doing when playing lead. I won't go on forever as I'm sure you've heard plenty of positive comments. You should be nominated for a Nobel Prize for this book! Can't wait to get book #3 and the videos as well!"
Jason Herr via the internet

"All of the praise and accolades you've received for the books are truly deserved!"
Pat MacFarland Dallas TX

"I have the books and they are exceptional; clear, concise, useful, and most of all they got me stoked about my guitars again. Please pass on a huge note of thanks to Mr. Edwards."
Michael Kenny Colorado Springs CO

"First of all, let me say that I thoroughly enjoy FLSE, and have committed to work through the entire book cover to cover and finally understand what I am doing on Guitar. While I've been playing for over 10 years, I realized this year that all I have been doing is memorizing music, and have never really grasped how the guitar works. FLSE has opened my eyes."
David Jelden via the internet

"I already have your three Fretboard books and they are fantastic. I spent several months finding books and browsing the web for guitar self-instruction. I knew about the CAGED system, but nothing really explained it in a concise matter-of-fact way and I was left with a lot of questions. I found your second book at a local music store and it was exactly what I was searching for. I promptly bought the other two and use them exclusively during my practice. No longer do I need to spend hours hunting for answers on the web or trying to find another book to fill in any gaps. Your books are perfect and I can't wait for your instructional video to supplement my learning. Thanks for your work."
David Dunniway Seattle WA

"Tremendous value and clarity of guitar principles! I recommend your series to any person who wants to finally understand the musical structure of the guitar and feel at home with the instrument. I especially recommend your series to those of us with a keen interest but average talent. While many of the principles are intuitive to a talented, accomplished professional, your series is a milestone for those of us interested but less gifted."
Pete Maiers via the internet

"I have been playing for ten years, and finally, I can make sense of all of it. Thank you and keep up the good work."
Anthony Pittman Skiatook OK

"Honestly, one of the best bargains available. I'm working with it currently (Vol I) and my thinking on the guitar has become much clearer. What one realizes is that there is no "magic bullet" to understanding or playing music, but the method that Bill laid out comes close. Fitting patterns together like a well laid out puzzle helps to break you through your plateaus that you've been experiencing. This is probably the best $66.00 (price of the Vol I & II SE and the corresponding DVD) investment I have ever made. That's easily two 1/2 hr. lessons with most guitar teachers, and they aren't going to lay out even an 1/8th of what these materials do for the cost. Forgo the new Slay-o-lator pickup. That FuzzMaster pedal isn't going to improve your playing. Drop on this instead. You'll thank yourself and Bill for the rest of your days. I currently am."
Jeremy du Brul via the internet

"I have been messing around with the guitar for over 30 years. Fretboard Logic is the very first and only technique that made sense to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to publish this fantastic work. I can now play music."
John Kidwell Tulsa OK

"I really enjoyed my Fretboard Logic SE. I started playing some 'Steeley Dan' with the keyboard with some friends. I always played alone because I couldn't JAM. I had to memorize very hard to get it right. I started playing the guitar as a kid but my teachers confused the heck out of me and I continued playing the piano. Now at 37 I'm learning the theory as you presented it and WOW ! I'm able to find the notes!! Improvising becomes much easier and memorization not as intense as I thought. It took me 3 weeks to learn more than the rest of my life combined (on the guitar). Your method has made it possible for me to play good enough to enjoy music with others."
Jeff Dawson Westerville OH

"I've been giving your method a lot of time and am making incredible progress. Given my personal limitations, I can safely say this method will work very well for anyone who is serious about learning guitar. Even though I have truly mastered only a few of the concepts, I have benefited from them all. The over-all impact on my playing has been profound. Other band members are intimidated by my licks and are a little jealous. I have told them why I have become so much more adept so quickly and suggested your materials where appropriate. Thanks again-and again."
James Warren Lake Jackson TX

"I own all three Fretboard Logic books and both videos. They have enabled me to tie together so many things that I've been exposed to over the years in various guitar method books. I especially like the applications shown on the video tapes. Looking forward to your new projects."
Robert Smigel Glastonbury CT

"Thanks for your help and your wonderful guitar course. Not to litter your in-basket with one more testimonial, but this really is the best instructional material I have ever had the pleasure of using."
John Reid Sammamish WA

"I just bought Fretboard Logic I on 9/7/02 and absolutely love it. Thank you so much for your insight and clear instruction technique. Wow!"
Aaron Rice Moscow ID

"I recently purchased a copy of your book from It has opened all of the doors. I have played for 25 years. I have studied classical, flamenco, jazz, blues and rock. I always felt that there was something missing, some secret formula that pulled it all together. Alas, there is! It is in your book. God Bless."
Jim Dwyer Washington DC


"Best value in guitar education, a small amount of money for a tremendous return on investment. Please remember to work patiently, not to hurry thru the text. Enjoy making progress while taking the time to learn the subject matter correctly the first time. A large part of the reward is the journey itself, so do yourself a favor and set a goal of "comprehensive knowledge" rather than "finishing the text as quickly as possible". For me, the guitar is a stress reliever, not a source of tension and aggravation. So utilize this magnificent set of books to increase your knowledge and skills in an atmosphere of relaxation. Fretboard Logic is a well developed, insightful text which will reward you immensely if you apply your efforts patiently and diligently. There is no other book on the market in the same league as Fretboard Logic."
B.B. Philadelphia PA

"When I bought the Fretboard Logic SE over the internet I had a bit of doubt and felt the heartache at having spent such a fortune. It was expensive for overseas shipping, and then we don't really have quality guitar instruction books/schools here in Singapore. But when I received this book I was really glad at how everything which once seemed so confusing has been simplified so much. My doubt and heartache were gone at once. I guess, even if my fingers can't fly like many of my guitar friends at least I would beat them in Fretboard theory. When I've saved up enough I'll get Fretboard Logic III. Really love this book, man!"
Ray Seki, Ai Singapore

"Hello there! I'd just like to say a couple of words in appreciation for your book(s) Fretboard Logic series. I have been devouring book 1 and 2 and already It's making a difference in my playing and my knowledge of the guitar. I finally feel like a musician and I finally know where I'm going on the fretboard. I have been playing for 14 years off and on and have bought dozens of books on the guitar and took three months of guitar when I was in my teens. I learned a little from each book and always felt lost a lot of the time especially when it came to cutting loose and playing solos, riffs etc. My biggest hurdle was 'Where do I go next?' I used to think it was because I didn't take more lessons. I was lost in a sea of dots in guitar books with scale patterns which I tried and tried to memorize. I haven't been playing guitar for a few years and I sold my guitars off because I was frustrated and I always felt that I'd never master the fretboard. Last summer I decided that I would buy a guitar and give it another try. I decided that I had to focus on learning the fretboard once and for all. I actually got word of your book on the internet by searching any site which featured anything to do with the fretboard. I have to say that I was a little doubtful of your book since I did not see it in my local music store. I asked about it of the book dept salesman and he never heard of it. He actually ordered it in and I looked through it from time to time but I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy the book. I thought I'd give it a chance since I spent a fortune in guitar books already and another book wouldn't hurt my library of guitar books. After the first few pages I had two reactions. One was 'It can't be this simple?' The second was how ripped off I felt after spending a fortune on those other books I bought instead of yours. Man I could kick myself (actually I have) for not buying your book sooner. Mr. Bill Edwards thank you for writing a very, very good book. I just got your third book in the mail. I was so impressed with the first two (I bought the SE Edition) that I had to have the third. You've heard the saying that 'Knowledge is Power' well Fretboard Logic is power packed with knowledge that will open your eyes and anyone who has a guitar should have this set of books in their library. I can't thank you enough for the books. Thank You!"
Wayne Boutilier Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I bought Fretboard Logic 1/2 several months ago, and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with it. It has rejuvenated my guitar playing; I had been playing on and off for ten years, but the framework it provides has gotten me 100% into it. In fact, I no longer even have time to practice nightly, because my "practices" end up being 2-3 hour long sessions! Anyway, it's rare something lives up to the kinds of recommendations I saw on your website, but this one really does."
Matt Christensen via the internet

"I have benefited tremendously from your first book and video. Thank you for your highly organized and clearly explained approach."
Rebbie Straubing Mineola NY

"I've just started reading the Fretboard Logic SE and it's amazing. This is the book I have been searching for since I started guitar around 6 years ago. No other book I have read has made more sense and no other book has captured my attention like Fretboard Logic."
Barry Hulse, Aberdeen Scotland

"Thank you. Your books are unbelievable. You're saving me a bundle because my guitar teacher wasn't getting me anywhere very quickly. Perhaps he even had a financial incentive to take his time. I learned more from your books in one weekend than several months of lessons. I've been playing guitar 20 years now and recently signed up for lessons in an attempt to finally "get it". I think the guitar teacher was just moving way too slow for me. Your books allowed me to skip what I already knew and get right to the stuff I didn't. The teacher insisted on following a particular path through many things I didn't care about."
RG Howell Plano TX

"Hi Bill, I want to tell you how awesome your Fretboard Logic books are. I'm the type of person who needs an explanation of why things work the way the they do and your book does just that. My guitar playing is getting much better and becoming more enjoyable. I'm half way through your first book and have already purchased Vol. II and III. Thank you very much."
Steve Walther via the internet

"Your Fretboard Logic series is an exceptional body of work. Not only is the information interesting and useful, but also, well written."
Jerry Ressler via the internet

"I've been trying to play guitar for years; I can now say two words about guitar playing that I could never say before, 'I understand.' "
Scott Gosling via the internet

"First of all I'd like to say Thanks! You've opened the door for me. Your first book lives up to the hype, so please send me book II. Also, it arrived very quickly!"
Charles M Deighan Ft. Pierce FL

"First I'd like to thank you. Thank you. My brain had been taxed for to many years trying to grasp a concept that I'd thought would transfer easily from the piano to guitar. I was afraid I'd never understand."
Chris Danielson via the internet

"I must say that your Fretboard Logic series is one of the easiest set of books that I've used. It has changed my whole outlook and approach to the guitar and I've been playing for about 20 years."
Jeff Mills Frankfort IN

"All I have to say - wow - WOW... and you're honest when over the phone you people (great) told me it (the method series) would indeed work very well with other method(s)."
Jimmy Sullivan Worcester MA

"I'd like to thank you for developing this material, which as far as I can tell is unique in the world of guitar instructional media, and answers a lot of longstanding issues I've had which had deterred me from studying guitar."
Adam Craig Frederick MD

"Like most basement pickers I have pondered for many years just how I was ever going to go from a three chord wonder to at least a four or five. Your books have been an amazing help in explaining the design of the system-something that seems to help my brain put together an overall picture of how things fit together."
Clayton McCunn via the internet

"Some time ago I bought your fretboard logic courses in Michigan, and later bought some for my son, from your website. I find those books to be among the best I know for teaching approach to the guitar."
Bill Evenhouse via the internet

"The Fretboard Logic books are fantastic! I think the various introductory "method" books do serve a useful but *very* limited purpose. Its ok to use them for the first couple of months to just learn a few chords, the whole/half step pattern for a major key, where the notes are in the open position in the key of C, G, & D, and to just get your fingers trained a bit. The problem is where to go after that. The answer of course is you should read and understand the Fretboard Logic books! That's what opened up everything for me. It's so cool that all you need to do is slide the patterns you already know (C, G, & D major diatonic in the open position) up the fretboard and you can play every note (or perhaps tone is a better word) on the fretboard. I found it useful at the beginning to just think of the A and E patterns as overlap patterns between C & G and G & D. Before reading the Fretboard Logic books, I obviously could see how the notes on each string followed the whole/half step pattern - but how the heck are you supposed to visualize where all the notes are on all the strings at the same time? And what about different keys and different modes of a key? Arrrgh! I had presumed that understanding the guitar must be hopelessly complicated. Surely it would take years and years of playing to understand it. Fretboard Logic provided an amazingly easy solution. No more is the fretboard a seemingly arbitrary scattering of black dots. I now look at someone playing a song or even tab type sheet music books and I can actually understand what's going on. I can analyze what is being played in terms of the key, the position on the fretboard, and the pattern they are operating within. Thanks again."
David Sorochty Alexandria, VA

"After reading Fretboard Logic and viewing Video I it reminded of the line when you spot your soul-mate that you will share the rest of your life with: "Where have You been all my life?"
Dan Cunningham Falkville AL

"I just finished the video for Fretboard Logic II, which I bought to accompany the book. It filled in a few gaps and made a few gears click in my brain. I also own the book for Volume I and am expecting Volume III any day now. Thanks for re-inspiring my desire to really learn the guitar and the music theory behind what I am doing. I advise anyone using this method to really learn, step by step, the material that is there as it will all come together by the end. Easily the best money I have spent on guitar instruction."
Nick Richardson via the internet

"Quickly, since you must receive a ton of these a day. And no doubt you have heard all the different ways somebody could say thanks-but thanks anyway. At 35, I had pretty much retained nothing but basic stuff from elementary age lessons. I picked up the guitar again last year and swallowed my pride and took lessons. My teacher INSISTED I get volume I. It was instantaneous. We flew through V-I and I moved to V-II. I went through half of it before I had to slow down 'cause of family and work. My teacher then moved out of state. But even when I am working, I am constantly going through the lessons in my mind that you presented in your books. But there were still some things in my mind I could not understand from the book. So, nearly a year later (today as a matter of fact), I bought the companion video to V-II. I think I understand. I can't apply it yet (haven't been home to my guitar today) but I can comprehend it. Now I'm thinking I need to go get the video for VI just to see what I missed from the book. So much for making this quick, but THANK YOU!!!
Gene Sisson via the internet

"I purchased Fretboard Logic 1, 2, and 3. I have got other guitar books, but nothing compares to Fretboard Logic. It's a must-have book for every guitarist."
Nick Cluff Petal MS

"Bill, The material you have developed in the three Fretboard Logic Books and two videos has been a wonderful new portal to a new understanding and appreciation of the guitar and musical structure. Thanks for your unique genius. Watching your second video for the first time this weekend I heard you say that the guitar notations for your solo examples are available. How can I acquire them? It would help me to have the material in print so I can better understand the exact patterns you are demonstrating. I process information better when I have it in multiple forms to study. I feel like I am going to wear out my VCR going over the solo demonstrations you do time and time again. Again my deepest appreciation for your work. You have made a very real difference in the approach I am taking to playing guitar and ultimately improved the quality of my life experience. I have been trying to understand how a guitar works for 33 years and your key unlocked the door. Best regards.
Stephen Bauman via the internet

"Dear Bill! I am not a religious man but I really felt touched by the Holy Spirit by the time I realized what an incredible instrument the guitar is. Until I got your book I had regarded the guitar as a very mysterious entity. Playing on and off for about 15 years had not really gotten me anywhere and I had learnt nothing new for 5. In the year that has passed since I purchased the SE book I have progressed at an astonishing pace compared to before. Astonishing not only to me, but to wife, friends, etc. Your book has also made a lot of more advanced books accessible to me, that is, books that I already owned but had given up on. So you saved me a LOT of money this way :-). I recommend your book to anyone interested and then probably a few. Thank you so much. Peace.
Casper Paludac via the internet

"You may not remember me but I was quoted on the back of one of your first books. The neon colored ones you were binding yourself, I think. I still own the old Fretboard Logic I and II and refer to them regularly. I still believe they were the best money I have ever spent on teaching tools for my playing. I have bookmarked your site and will refer back occasionally. Thank you taking the time to write Fretboard Logic and unlocking the "mystery" of the guitar. God Bless!!
Steve Hightower Tampa FL

"Thanks again for a great series. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that your books and videos could make most other guitar books and systems obsolete."
Rich D. via the Internet

"FL, Book II and videos are outstanding and segue right out of Book I perfectly. It is a masterful idea to use the CAGED forms, systems and lead lines first - then arpeggios etc. and save the music theory until near the end of Book II. So many players are turned off by the emphasis on the "Xs" and "Os" starting out in most books that they get discouraged. You teach the mechanics of playing properly (using contemporary sounds, leads and rhythms) i.e. separating positions, chord -scale relationships etc. first and then get in to the notation later - a great idea. Before the student realizes it he or she is playing up the neck comfortably and has learned the fretboard (not mechanically, but through understanding based on their own reasoning processes and at their own pace). I have truly gotten much more out of these lessons and videos than the previous 45 years of study with private teachers etc. Their answers were always basically "do it because that is the way it is done" Much better to play what you understand... Great course and thank you!
Jim Pepoon via the internet

"I recently picked up your "Fretboard Logic I" book and am very excited about the improvements it has allowed me to make in my playing. I am sure my story is the same as so many other people who have written you to praise your work. I have been playing for ten years, purchased many manuals (with scales, modes, chords, etc.... spelled out ad nauseam) and felt I had reached an impasse in my playing. I did not seem to be getting any better and all the theory books were collecting dust). My lead playing was sub-average (at best) relying heavily on the pentatonic box. Thanks to your book that has changed. I was in a Guitar Center in San Francisco buying some accessories for my new guitar (it's a beauty) and while the store clerk was ringing it up I browsed the books. I saw all sorts of guitar books. Album folios, "Guitar in the style of..." books and manuals. That is when I saw "Fretboard Logic I". The title grabbed me because I never really felt "logic" applied to music. Sure, there were rules and things, but logic?!? I picked it up and flipped through it. I liked what I saw. It was a non-flashy, basic explanation of the reasons why the guitar is the way it is and how you can use these "patterns." You broke down difficult concepts into easy to understand applications. I recently received "Fretboard Logic II and III" and the "Fretboard Logic I" video from I am looking forward to working through them. I wish I had known about them ten years ago.
Sean Robinson via the Internet

"Reading reviews of Fretboard Logic SE on Amazon left me a little skeptical, but the content seemed interesting so I decided to purchase the book. It arrived.. first, the basic chord forms.. nothing new here, second, forms and positions.. just more barre chords, then the CAGED sequence.. breathless, ENLIGHTENMENT!! I read the whole book secretly at work before I even got home to start the training properly! You have opened my mind to guitar.. You are a genius for bringing it to the public.. You have my GRATITUDE."
Max Lobel Japan

"I was recently shown your system by my good friend John Pappenfort. He has been teaching me guitar for about a year or so. I would just like to say that I find your system to be pure genius, and the logic sound. I have been a martial artist for quite some time, and I trained at one time with a man I consider one of the greats... Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker of the American Kenpo Karate system. In your system I hear his thoughts and logic, and I am truly impressed! The concept of the 5 basic chord forms so accurately follows the concept of Mr. Parker's "master key" theory that I thoroughly understand what you have done (just haven't got it all under my fingers yet - ha ha) I feel you are indeed one of the greats when it comes to the art of guitar, a true Grand Master!
Scott Hildebrand via the Internet

"I found a used copy of Fretboard Logic. Thank you and the person that passed this book on!! My friends and I are all 'white knuckle' guitarists - even worse - I've have classes in music theory. We just can't find a uniform method that makes sense- until now! I will learn and pass this on to my friends in turn. Thanks so much.You and Music Magic Guitars of Hialeah are the two best things to happen for me."
B. Fitzpatrick Johnstown PA

"The guitar is such a wonderful vehicle, but can be extremely frustrating to a beginner. I hope you realize how wonderful this series is to unlock so many mysteries for so many people. You are touching many many lives. You are a national treasure."
Michael Rice Salem OR

"Dear Mr. Edwards, I bought Fretboard Logic SE recently, and expect to buy Part III soon. Like so many others, I have a lot of guitar books, and consider only a few to be truly worthwhile. I first learned a little guitar back in the early '60's, staying at the "safe" end of the neck, frets 1-4, playing open chords. When rock 'n roll became more sophisticated, I felt lost and dropped out for decades. Lately I've tried to come back, and find out what the rest of the instrument is all about and, believe me, it has been frustrating. Your book, though, has opened up a wondrous view of this "folk" instrument to the player seeking to really learn something. After learning the CAGED system and really getting a feeling for the scale forms, pentatonic and diatonic, I started using them to play tunes, e.g. Gershwin's "Embraceable You." I was so pleased with myself. Single string, yes, but I finished it with a major seventh chord, and all because the mysterious fretboard now means something, LOGICALLY! I have a long way to go, but for the first time, I think I am close to being able to call myself a guitarist. Thank you very, very much!"
Bob Novickas via the internet

"I'm a 41 year old who has had a passion for guitars and guitar music since my long ago teens. I've dabbled in lessons over the years but only got serious these last two years. I've invested in many books, CD's etc and although the materials are well produced, I didn't seem to be learning with any particular discipline or true understanding of what I was doing...but it was still enjoyable. I then went to a teacher once a week and practiced what he gave me diligently and certainly progressed, but still did not truly understand what I was doing. Seeing your ad in a guitar magazine left me a little wary of the enthusiastic testimonials but when I got into your website and read your responses to FAQs, I was very impressed with your teaching style and logical approach. As has been my practice lately, I didn't just buy the first Volume and try it out, I went for the full package and am pleased I did. I've just completed Vol. I and took my time with it to finally understand what I was doing. The hardest part was forgetting what I knew already and disjoining guitar as musical concepts to bring them back together later. I know you don't need to, but feel free to use my note as a testimonial for other oldies to stop lamenting about how they should have picked up the guitar when they were a kid etc. It's never too late !!
Paul Gilbert Repulse Bay Hong Kong

"FINALLY! I have found a solid foundation to learn and understand my guitar, after 9 years of (so called playing) and many instructional music books which led me nowhere. Now I know I'm on the right path."
Mike Barajas Pirtleville AZ

"Fretboard Logic I is great stuff. Wish it had been available to me 30 years ago!!"
Harry Cliver Staunton VA

"I have to tell you that in 35 years of playing guitar, I have never come across such an incredibly well thought out and concise system for making sense of, and teaching the guitar. I have stumbled upon a small part what you put together on my own, and in my own way after years of trial and error, but never came close to nailing it like you have. You are also one hell of a guitar player! When I saw you cut loose at the end of the first video my jaw hit the floor and to be honest I was very humbled and a bit bewildered to say the least! Got Prozac!? OK, I'm sure you hear this stuff all the time over and over, but it's true. Your system has made me a much better player almost overnight, and that's saying a lot."
John Pappenfort via the internet

"I must agree with the overwhelming effectiveness of your books (I just received Fretboard Logic SE). I've been playing guitar for about a year and I have progressed quite fast. Unfortunately, I have ADD which restricts my memory, so there was always a "Wall" when I tried to learn what you have called Fretboard Logic. Normal books give out the surface information... so there is alot of it, too much for anyone to learn in a reasonably short amount of time. With your book, everything got connected... it was a click (you've probably been hearing of that click alot...). Five minutes after picking up your book, I just laughed... It was so simple, at times it felt as if you were mocking everyone that doesn't use this system... Of course you're not doing that, but the immediate impact is one that makes a low maintenance imprint on my memory... Not only does this book serve as the holy grail of guitar books... but it acts as a base system for all my other books too! Now I can get the amazing simplicity of "Fretboard Logic" by using all the other once useless books as add-ons to yours. Thank you!"
Jon Norton, Ex-Amateur Guitarist via the internet

"Thanks for sorting all this out. It makes much more sense to me now."
James Warren via the internet

"Mr. Edwards, I have recently finished Fretboard Logic SE and am about half way through Vol. III. I just have to say that I have read several books on music theory, scales, chords, intervals, lead patterns, modes, etc.. and your books are the only ones that have truly made sense to me. Your method of teaching is very unique and your articulate writing style is very refreshing and easy to follow. I truly wish that I had access to your books 5 years ago when I started playing. The Fretboard Logic series is essential for anyone who wants to become a great guitarist. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to become a better musician."
Kurt Van Gunst via the internet

"I just wanted to say that your book and videos are great. I have found that in trying to learn a song or riff in a magazine, I have used your ideas to substitute a chord quickly. I have found that your video brings out the information clearer because I can see how it is done. I have bought the fretboard logic SE book and Video 1. I also bought the Video 2 to learn about arpeggios at the local music store, and the salesman said that it was a great course. I like the classical example that you have on Tape 2. You should put the videos on an interactive CD or DVD format, that way I can use it on my laptop. I told all my friends that have played guitar for years about your course. One guy who took basic guitar in college said your course sounds better and easier. Another guy who's been playing for 20 years bought the first book and now is studying it, and thinks its great. Thanks again for a great tool that I will use over and over again."
Barry Selk Porterville CA

"I bought your book last week (Fretboard logic I & II combined). I really appreciated your book; it has a nice systematic and unique way of teaching many topics."
Chen Chien Min, Taiwan

"'Of course. It's so simple, a child could do it.'" (Doctor McCoy re-attaching Spock's brain after donning the alien teacher-helmet.) That's how I felt when I first read through your Fretboard Logic books. The title is perfect and carefully earned. I can't imagine why I was never able to bridge the gap twixt my keyboard and fretboard theory. Live long and prosper, O Bill."
Kevin Mattson via the internet

"I really can't add anything that hasn't been said to you before, but I'd like to express my thanks for opening the mysteries of the fretboard up to me...I've been playing guitar (self-taught) for about 25 years, and as you've probably heard many times, I've hit various "walls" along the path...while I've been told I'm "pretty good," I've sort of lucked into my success, without the depth of understanding that will take me to "the next level"....I've got a pretty good understanding of theory, but you've given me the systematic tool to start applying it to the fretboard. I appreciate your insight, and clarity of presentation. I'm continuously working through the first two of your books (and the video that goes with book two), and am looking forward to checking out book three...Thanks again!"
Ron Friedland Arvada CO

"Thank you for your quick response. I just want to add, your Fretboard Logic series is insightful and concise. You have saved me years of trying to "get it" through rote learning and ad-hoc information."
Jim Koslowski Bellafonte PA

"Great material Bill! Finally, I've found something that makes sense!"
Kee Blanton via the internet

"I've recently completed your third FL book in the series after completing the first two. I am also about 3/4 the way through the first FL video and am eagerly anticipating working my way through the second FL video, which I already bought. Your guitar methods are revolutionary in that they are so clear and complete. You should be awarded the Nobel Prize for guitar! So, thanks for all your effort."
Andrew Schwartz Gaithersburg, MD

"I use your books to teach and found that it really grabs students attention more than the conventional methods. Thank you for such a miracle book series."
Dennis McClure Via the internet

"I thought I'd drop you a line since I am completely impressed with your guitar method. I'm 20 years old and in college, and have been playing guitar for around 4 months now. A bunch of my friends were starting a band at the beginning of the semester, and their enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Not that I had any realistic hope of joining them, but it was spark enough to go and finally learn an instrument myself (aside from my disastrous dealings with the violin in the 3rd grade) So like most beginners, I fumbled around for the first month basically trying to get my fingers to cooperate, then I went tab-happy. I didn't feel like I had enough skill yet to really get a lot out of lessons, so I just started learning all my favorite songs. I realized I was learning next to nothing about music, but at least I was memorizing some chords in the process. I tried to mix it up with hard songs too; after three months my favorite piece was the first section of 'Classical Gas'. The other three sections are beyond my ability so far :) Well, over the Xmas break I started looking more into "theory," or at least more complicated chords and scales. I printed off a lot of references I found online for various Greek scales, and bought some chord books. Then I started getting a bit frustrated, because there seemed to be a tremendous leap from what I understood to virtually all of the "non-extreme beginner" sources I found. I started getting my mind around just sitting down and memorizing hundreds of random (to me) scales and chords, in the bleak hope that one day it would just click. Well, a week ago I was in Guitar Center getting some new strings, and looked over at their book shelf to get some more reference materials. Volume I of your books stood out to me because of the title. "Logic! Hot Damn!" I though excitedly. Certainly there was method to the absolute madness of the guitar I'd been experiencing. Well congrats, because your breakdown of guitar concepts makes absolutely wonderful sense, and infinitely more sense than ANY other method book I've ever seen. I think I caught this at a perfect time, before I started getting further lost with blind memorization. Now I've got plenty of time to really master the correct interface to the guitar. As a student of computer science right now I really appreciate your pattern oriented insight. I look forward to receiving the other volumes (from doh! should have came here sooner). Again, thanks for the great books and keep it up."
Stuart - Via the Internet

"I think we last spoke on Halloween when I called to thank you for writing the Fretboard Logic series. It really did beget a fearlessness in me (toward the fretboard and, thus, life (nothing gave me more insecurity than the misgiven thought that I would never be able to make anything that anyone would even remotely describe as music).
Bill Hoey Via the Internet

"I have played 'at' the guitar for four decades. Because of FRETBOARD LOGIC I can now begin playing the guitar. Thanks for writing such a revealing and comprehensive work."
Delmer Pound Oklahoma City OK

"I just finished Fretboard Logic Volume I. As an engineer, I can say that I finally have closure on my desire to have some understanding on the layout of the fretboard. Everything in the book was very clear, logical and understandable. "
Dave Moorehouse Bel Aire MD

"About 6 years ago I sold my guitar. I thought that after several years of trying I would never be able to master it. I bought literally hundreds of 'how to' books, but none of them seemed to teach me 'how to'. About one month ago I bought a new guitar and wanted to try again. I saw the advertisements for your books. and thought that this was just one more overhyped book. Thankfully though, I took the chance and bought book 1. This is the best thing I ever saw. Almost at once the fretboard became familiar to me in terms of chord patterns and scale playing. I am learning more each day, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I will order book 2 shortly. Thanks for sharing your wonderful system with the rest of the world."
Jim Chatterton Lubbock TX

"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the SE Edition of FretBoard Logic. I've been very persistent over the last several years, taking lots of lessons and studying theory and using audio and video tapes to build up a repertoire of fingerstyle tunes. My attitude is something akin to an obsession but it is actually more of a passion. The world is over populated by individuals that learn to play guitar poorly or at least at a very basic level. I want not to be one of those and I can't sing and don't really wish to but the task at hand is much more formidable when one aspires to make music with the guitar as a solo instrument. Before studying fret board logic I was loaded with beliefs/ideas/notions about how to learn. I felt that if I studied theory I would be able to read music and play from this notation. Your book relieved me of that mythology which by the way, has plagued me for years. Those pesky fourth intervals (& the third) (both horizontal and vertical relationships) make it quite a task to find the notes even though you recognize what they are. I also felt that once I learned to read and play it would be an easy step from there to improvisation and again I find that this is not the case. The CAGED system with the chords, pentatonic and diatonic scales and lead patterns open up the world of "guitar specific" attainable skills. I'm in awe of the simplicity and elegance of the system. It simply excites me to be able to work on the patterns now and concern myself with their musical significance later. Your book is peerless. I've got a stack of "how to" books from every conceivable source. (Mel Bay et al) If I gathered them all in one place and laid them end to end I could probably walk across them to the nearest beer store without ever touching mother earth. AND NONE OF THEM COMES CLOSE TO CLARIFYING THE GUITAR KNOWLEDGE IMPERATIVES LIKE YOUR BOOK. I would humbly accuse you of sheer genius. So many music teachers look askance at pattern practice or playing but you have described a way through the morass. You have my sincere gratitude. I have tried but I feel that I have failed to put into words the magnitude of your contribution to guitar teaching and learning. One simply has to get the book and get into it. Cheers. [Later wrote] Your part in changing the world is not a small one."
Pete Beattie Kingston ONT Canada

"When I bought Fretboard Logic I about five years ago I did so on the recommendation of a friend. I put it aside until about three days ago. In the interim I have not really improved my playing much more that a couple of licks here and there. Well, within the last three days, I have learned more that I ever thought possible. The fact that you have put this down in a readable and understandable format is a godsend all students of the elusive secrets of the guitar. I just purchased Vol. II and can't wait to start working on the lessons. I can't thank you enough. Thanks."
Elliot Gorton Kenner LA

"I have been having trouble learning the fretboard, like you wouldn't believe. I couldn't seem to grasp the reasoning behind the organization of the board. 4th-4th-4th-3rd-4th meant NOTHING to me at all, and I was basically lost. But after absorbing Volume I of your book Fretboard Logic, I now REALLY understand not only the board itself, but the instrument as a whole. I can barely improvise, it's difficult to analyze chords/melodies by ear, and I still can't simply "take it" when I am told to, but after just this simple tutorial, I really see a bright light on the horizon. I can improvise a little (it's easier every day!) and I can play many basic progressions by ear from the radio, and I find myself analyzing music I hear and playing it when I return home. Badly, sure, but I am playing it. As I continue to work on my rhythm and consistency, your book has kept me focused, and has guided me toward reachable goals. I can't wait to nail down Volume I so I can move on to Volume 2. I honestly feel I will be making music soon, instead of just playing music. Thanks, Bill. You have made my newfound interest even more interesting."
Andrew Yahner Naarden The Netherlands

"Hi, I would like to thank you for sending me Fretboard Logic I. Frankly, I read all the reports and wasn't sure if this was just another one of those scams with a lot of marketing. Well, let me tell everyone who will listen that this is the real thing. Fretboard Logic did more for my understanding of the guitar fretboard in two weeks than I've been able to accomplish in 25 years with dozens of books and tapes. Thank you so much. My order for Fretboard Logic II on its way. Thank you for making sense of it all. Now its up to me! Cheers."
Monty Thayer Armstrong, BC Canada

"I have been using your logic method for the past couple of months and can say it's THE best method, hands down, of every pedagogy I've ever read about, used, or developed. I finally have the interface/software to play every ounce of theory I've ever learned, from jazz to classical to blues. And I haven't even scratched the surface..."
Bill Petaishiski Fresno CA

"A very good friend of mine just ordered me "Fretboard Logic" Volume I. I will never buy another book again. By George, I think I've got it!!! I can't wait to learn more! And I can't wait to find a teacher in my area that teaches the same philosophy. Until then I will continue to practice. Thank You!!"
Sheryl Fowler Port Charlotte FL

"I totally agree with your brain/software analogy, and the importance of the learning tools over the hardware. Its amazing to note that these type of analogies were not possible just 20 years ago, and the information age has given us cognitive tools to understand things on another level, yielding a large increase of understanding to materials on a consensus reality level. I feel like your books are tailored for people of my generation, and I have no problem suggesting your product in that I am confident they too will understand, and they are the best learning tools that I have come across. Keep up the vision, as I believe you have accomplished in relating the guitar method to the pre-existing information on a consensus level, and I have noticed that things about the guitar that I couldn't see "faded in" to vision once explained this way. You have an amazing product."
Keith -via the internet
"It's like a unified field theory for guitar players."
David Carlisle Plant City FL

"You're going to change the way the guitar is taught forever."
Rich DiBiase Bristol CT

"You've changed my world and your going to change other's worlds and the way they look at the instrument over the long haul. I don't know how anyone who looks at your system and teaches is ever going to go back to Mel Bay, Alfred's or any of that stuff."
John Gilmore Osawatomise KS

"Dear Bill Edwards I just recently got your Fretboard Logic I&II Special Edition. It's odd when you get a book that you've read alot of excellent reviews about then realize the book actually lives up to the praise, and yours does.The sentence on top of the back of the book says it all,"Fretboard Logic is the operators manual that should have come with your guitar".
Sandra Johnson via the internet

"I must have $400.00 worth of guitar books at home, but these are the first ones that taught me what I really needed to know. As a student that used to study at Bill Edwards Music store, Fretboard Logic has been the only book that did not crowd my mind with all of the technical stuff that only slowed down my learning process. Fretboard Logic was also the only book that finally helped me understand the caged system and how to understand the fretboard. Bill has helped many local guitarists progress to the outer limits of playing and WE REALLY APPRECIATE A TEACHER LIKE HIM, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BILL"
James Porter Riverview FL

"I have read all three of your Fretboard Logic books many times and am amazed at how using that system has increased my musical know how. It is so much clearer working towards the musical ideas from a working knowledge of an instrument rather than the reverse. I supplemented your curriculum with two semesters of guitar lessons, but the lessons would never have shown me anything useful if I didn't know which questions to ask, those questions came from your books. Now I am even impressed at how far I have come."
Brian Owens Kansas City MO

"It's not only enlightening in a guitaristic sense, it's fun to read."
Charlie Bradley San Diego CA

"It is quite simply the best most helpful system of guitar pedagogy I've encountered in a great many years of unsuccessful searching, & after many abortive attempts during that time to develop some fundamental understanding of the instrument. Thanks."
Dr. Doug Dobson Naperville, IL

"I am finishing Fretboard Logic Vol 1 and also have Vol II. I find them the best thing to come down the pike. Thanks a lot. Please send me Fretboard Logic Vol. 3. Vols. I & II were great!!!"
Dennis Snellgrove Amarillo TX

"After reading your Fretboard logic Volume I, indeed I'm now joining the people that at last begin to understand anything about chords and their mutual relation, and I can make music instead of play only loose chords and notes on the guitar."
Jos Saelman Hoogeveen The Netherlands

... a few years ago I ordered your books (3/94) Fretboard Logic and I love them. Those books taught me more than I imagined."
William Dellavalle Cape May Courthouse NJ

"Please indulge me as I tell this tale. After years of saving my meager earnings, I was finally able to buy a nice acoustic, with the determination to learn. I was given a few beginners books and soon became distressed. Nothing made any sense or order. Meanwhile, I'm thinking, 'There must be a pattern. They just haven't told me yet.' I considered dropping everything and cheating w/tab, as many do. But that's cheesy. Then, my friend gave me a stack of his old learning books. Among that pile was Fretboard Logic I, and a note saying I could have the others, but send back the fretboard book after a short time. Now, I see why! As I write this, I've taken a short break, but my guitar & Fretboard [Logic] sit at my side. I just had to take this chance and write you. My hands are killing me & I've never been more happy or inspired. I've been reading & cramming, while it's quiet, and playing & practicing, when the time is right. I can't put it down; every page gives me something to do & endless exciting practice. Being 'self-taught' literally, I need no other book than this. I thought of sending you the stack of 'redundance' as you put it, and letting you get a good laugh as you torch them. As I stated, my only problem is I have to send the book back to my friend soon. And I'll be left with the books that had me setting my guitar to the side... my endless thanks & appreciation for making it all 'click' and reminding me of the inspiration & desire I have."
Jamie Young Florence AZ

"This has really opened my eyes. It really brought a lot of things together for me. Your on the right track."
George Moye Hensley AR

I just purchased Vol I of Fretboard Logic and video. I have found them to be the most helpful tools I have found. I would appreciate information on ordering the rest of the series. Thanx"
Chad Patras Omaha NE

"Volume I, which I purchased 5 years ago, is still one of the most relevant instructional music guides on my bookshelf. Thank You."
Scott N Hicks Winter Park FL

John Holly Denver CO

"I see the greatness of these books and I understand what you are doing. And I thank you. It's a good thing you're doing."
Bob Savage Friendsville MD

"Fretboard Logic is 'The Best'!!"
C. J. Hamwyk Delft Netherlands

"I've been playing about 28 years believe it or not, and I'm a guitar teacher. I found some of those patterns in Book One but not like you have. You've really done a good job here."
Don LaDolce Cassadaga NY

"Bells rang. Lights flashed. A little siren went off - your system is so tight - it makes honest to God sense."
Jeffrey Ford Pendleton IN

"Thank you for Vols 1 and 2. They were excellent. Most of the material covered was familiar, things I had learned or tried to learn at one time or another. Your books covered the material in a very logical fashion and provided a clear framework on which to place everything At first I was very suspicious of the testimonials, however, they proved to be much more than hype. Keep up the good work."
Philip B. Osaka Japan

"I would like to say that I've spent more money on guitar lesson books than I have on all my guitar equipment put together. If FRETBOARD LOGIC and FRETBOARD LOGIC II were available when I first started playing guitar I would have saved a lot of money. FRETBOARD LOGIC and FRETBOARD LOGIC II are the best instruction books I own, they are very easy to understand and very well put together. I would recommend these books to everybody from beginner to advanced players.
Scott Spaulding Virginia Beach VA

"I thought Volume I was excellent. It fills in gaps in my fretboard knowledge. I wish I'd had this 25 years ago."
David Tyra Terre Haute IN

"The claims were outrageous, the quotes unbelievable and I thought it just can't be that simple. Now I am feeling sorry for anyone who hasn't gotten your books. They honestly advanced me years beyond where I'm at. Thank you. P.S. Why doesn't everyone know about this?"
Rev. Garth Heckman Madison WI

"I just received your books, and I want you to know they are intensely appreciated. I've been playing almost 30 years, and I've got all kinds of books and videos, but these books mean more to me than all that other crap. I've had teachers but I learn best on my own. Have you studied systems analysis? I'm a scientist and these books are presented in a way that I would have if I knew the material. I wish I'd had these 15 years ago when my fingers weren't so stiff. Why aren't these books in every music store in America?"
Michael Fitzgerald Waukeegan IL

"I'm glad somebody has finally dealt once and for all with that black hole known as the fretboard. I'm basing our entire video series on Fretboard Logic."
Craig Tarwater Walla Walla WA...
"... Dear Craig [Tarwater] I took your advice and ordered Bill Edwards' course Fretboard Logic. I agree its simplicity is almost genius."
Michael Clarkson Dallas TX

"The first book is great!! Please send the second."
Mac Hawley Evergreen CO

"I've got a lot of music books and tapes and yours are far and away the best. I'm a lawyer and your books are way better."
Robert Kellman Layfayette CA

"I've found your FRETBOARD LOGIC Series to be every bit as impressive as your many published customer's testimonials claim! A such, I'm delighted to (at last) be able to order myself a copy of Vol. III, and very much look forward to the hours and years of musical education and enjoyment that it's likely to initiate. Many thanks!"
Dan Leman Calgary Alberta Canada

"I have your wonderful book, Fretboard Logic. Would you please let me know how I may purchase Volume II by mail and please tell me what other books you have available?"
Jack Kershner Stafford NY

"I've been playing a long time and I know you've heard this before but they [Fretboard Logic books] really helped me out. They congealed everything. I'm spreading the word."
Howard West Austell GA

"I've been teaching myself to play for two years, and all along I've been waiting for someone to tell me what I read in your book. All of a sudden everything fell into place. Thank you so much."
Kyle Ancowitz Hanover NH

"I've had my classical guitar for four years (it was a gift). I've tried to learn to play it numerous times but never got past the first 10 pages of any of the 20 (no lie) guitar 'method' books I've bought. I bought your book 'Fretboard Logic Vol. I yesterday and I've been engrossed. I finally get it. After reading/practicing the concepts in the first 19 pages - I can honestly hope to make music! Bless you. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge -- I don't understand how other people's methods are still selling -- I will swear by this book as long as I'm playing (hopefully til my death -- at age 120.)
Inge Leland Fresh Meadows NY

"After 33 years of playing, perhaps there is hope yet."
George Johnson New Brunswick Canada

"Dear Sir, I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Fretboard Logic Volume I. Many thanks."
Mike Murphy Coral Gables FL

"I was totally amazed at how easy it was to understand and apply it to the guitar. I've learned through other books, but little bits and pieces. Your book made sense of it all. I really wish I could of had this book years ago. Thank you for writing a masterpiece."
Chris Gronskei East Bethel MN

"All those quotes were true. It does fill in gaps. Do you know the Castalia Guitar Poster? Well, you finally made sense out of it for me. Fantastic job. "
Dominick Furlano East Stroudsburg PA

"Thanks to you for writing the Fretboard Logic series - it sure made a difference in my musical life as a guitarist."
Felix Rodriguez Arkansas Pass TX

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the first volume. You had testimonials where guys said the only learned bits and pieces here and there, and that was so true for me. My buddys would teach me a little bit here and there but I only say the whole picture after reading Volume 1. Now I'm starving for more. Send me the entire series."
Thomas Clancy Okinawa Japan

"No Fat.. like Grays Anatomy."
Paul Whitehead Eagan MN

"I brought my set of books w/me on a recent trip skiing in Utah, showed them to my brother and told him I would buy him his own set for his birthday if he liked them. He is an eye surgeon one heck of a great brother and has been (as have I) struggling with the fretboard for ten years. Your books ignited a great spark of understanding in both of us. I am right brained he is left brained but the books clicked us both on. Thank you very much.
James B. Wood Hollywood FL

"My satisfaction is beyond expression... 15 years well spent."
Keith Foster Dallas TX

"Volume II is an excellent presentation. Congratulations"
A.W. Kruger Naperville IL

"I was sent Vol. II before I by accident, but it is too well written and informative to send back."
George Giovino Sarasota FL

"A friend has loaned me Logic 1 & 2 and man it's great. Good luck to you, it's a great thing you're doing."
Barry Olivier Berkeley CA

"...I am ordering Fretboard Logic Vol. 2... I am more than pleased with Vol. I."
Brad Hawkins Philadelphia PA

"Your method is definitely the most logical method I have ever heard of (I've been playing for 25 years).
Ray Scioscia Centerville IA

"I'm finally catching on. With this added confidence I'm able to stick with the instrument (put in the practice time) no matter how busy the schedule. After 2 previous aborted attempts over many years, your insights are pure gold."
Dr. Raymond M. DeCastro Jensen Beach FL

"Fretboard Logic Volume 1 is a learning experience. Please send me Volume 2."
Carl Taylor Littleton NC

"They were the first things that made the guitar easy for me to understand."
Tina Stanise New York NY

"Just Fantastic. I'm a golf pro and I've been looking for a method that teaches the way I do... I've been playing for more than 25 years. It makes me sick that I didn't have it back then. I've taken a quantum leap in the last two weeks."
Stu Raymond, Naples FL

"I learned more in a month with Fretboard Logic than in the last five years of what all these other guys who are supposed to know more have been telling me. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
Donnie Vick Lake Wales FL

"The things I understood of Vol. II were very good. It was the information I was looking for. Except I very quickly realized that I had limited myself a great deal by not ordering both volumes from the start. Your approach to get the information across seems unique. Why aren't the music stores carrying your books?"
Roger Simms Fayetteville AR

"I have just received the two books (Fretboard Logic 1 & 2), and they are great. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
Bernd Ludwig Bankok Thailand

"I have thoroughly learned a lot from Fretboard Logic I. Please send Fretboard Logic II. Thank you for making my guitar more user friendly. If I follow all of your books and learn how to play as you direct, I am headed toward guitar greatness."
John Lyle Topeka KS

"Please send me a copy of the new Fretboard Logic Volume III, Applications - Creative and Analytical. I loved Volumes I & II; they were the most straightforward and practical guitar books that I have ever purchased. Thanks!"
Frank L. Roe Lee's Summit MO

"Well, I would say that "Fretboard Logic", volumes I & II are unlike anything I have read before...I do feel I am on to something. So I would be very glad if you sent me "Fretboard Logic" Vol. III in which I am sure to find some new treasures."
Jose Ballester Toulouse France

"Vol. I was excellent, awesome."
Vince Loglisci Melbourne FL

"Thanks a million. I love Vol I & II - they are just superb!"
Barry G Hardy Kogarah Australia

"I can't express the excitement I feel as I am getting to understand the guitar fretboard in a very real sense. My musical goals are now within reach and I have a way of getting there. At some point, while working through the second book, I will start putting together chord solos and working on finding a voice and style of my own... I decided to learn everything you offer in your books. Everything in your books has a useful purpose and I thank you for it. The comments from other customers in your books are NOT an exaggeration, they are right on target."
Tony Beltran Columbia Hts. MN

"The best and only book of its kind! I've been playing - seems like 27 yrs or so..."
Tom Eaton Irving TX

"Even though I am a guitar school graduate, I never could grasp how things were related on the fretboard. Modes, scales etc., didn't make sense to me. Things are much clearer after reading Vol. I! I'd like to get Vol. II."
Dana Miller Minneapolis MN

"Thank you for all your help in the study and the interpretation of the guitar and how to approach it musically and with heart. It's good to have someone treat you with respect and not go thru so much to bull---- you through their own denial & ignorance. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer for Bill who was instrumental in removing all the guff I've paid for in so many other so-called guitar method books."
Vaughn Shepherd Nova Scotia Canada

"These Volumes are very simple, powerful, incredible & excellent for beginners as well as advanced guitar players of [the] world."
Yogender K. Verma New Delhi India

"I also wanted to let you know that your revealing of the logic in guitar playing is just what I've been looking for, for 21 years. I now know I will learn."
E. Jones Greensboro NC

"I Love Fretboard Logic!"
Stewart Heatter Los Angeles CA

"Vol. I was excellent. By the time you receive this letter, my money order for Vol. II should have already crossed your desk. Keep up the great work."
Tim Lipscomb Washington PA

"This is the best book. Really. Fabulous."
Carole Harrison Austin TX

"Thanks for an absolutely wonderful series of books."
Dave Tomanovich Middletown OH

"You want testimonials to the quality of the material and quality of usable knowledge contained in your books? Here's 24.95. Please send Fretboard Logic III to me at the following address. NUFF SAID!"
Douglas Ward Mayo FL

"I should state my 100% satisfaction to your fine work. One of the things I particularly like about your 1st book is that you explain materials in an intelligent way; you show us facts and reasons behind them."
Asoka Shinmyo Tokyo Japan

"After fumbling around for years - I finally 'Get-it' now! Keep up the good work. Your 'Introductions' to Theory, Technique, Rhythm, Lead & Styles left me salivating for more! Send a catalog - I'll buy everything you write! [and wrote later...] Thanks again. What a great book [Vol. III]. You continue to exceed all my expectations & are worth every cent!"
Allan Barsema Rockford Il

"Dear Bill, Just some happy greetings from a content customer who might also refrain 'why didn't I meet your work earlier?' Better now than never. Yours Kindly"
Michael Will Hanover Germany

"The Fretboard Logic series is the best learning tool for the guitarist. I like your use of humor in teaching as well. Thanks to you, I have a better understanding of music and that will help prepare me on my way to a career in music."
Jason Teague Hobbs NM

"Hooray! Please rush me a copy of Fretboard Logic Vol. III. Thanks for the 'new way of looking at things!'"
Linda Salvatore Mt. Ephraim NJ

"I have thoroughly enjoyed volumes one and two and look forward to what volume three has to offer. Thank you."
Trevor Dell Chagrin Falls OH

"I'd like to start out by saying that your book 'Fretboard Logic' has been an inspiration to me. For the first time, what has been a mystery to me is beginning to make sense. I was down at [the music store] when I picked up Volume I. I went home, sat down and read it cover to cover. I was totally amazed at the sense it was making. Your introduction touched on things that were so true in my own experience."
David Diaz Temple Terrace FL

"Please send me Fretboard Logic III. The other two books are great!"
Rick Wieprecht Hamilton IL

"Now I'm finishing the 1st book, and I'm addicted to visualizing my fretboard. Even though one knew completely what to do on a keyboard, he/she would not be able to do anything on a fretboard without understanding this hidden organization. This is the book every guitarist has to have!! I didn't know that there's the 3rd book published already. Please send one to me. I'm totally satisfied with the books you've sent to me and I'm sure that III will not disappoint me."
Naoki Ebara Osaka Japan

"Thank you Bill Edwards! Your commitment to teaching has turned this malnourished student into a happy picker. Many many thanks."
Gena Rutkowski Silver City NM

"Whenever my wife and I go into a music store so she can peruse music for her [piano] students, I gravitate toward the guitar section like a moth to a flame. I have been searching (albeit unconsciously) for a book that explains these mysteries of how the guitar is laid out. I figured that it just can't be that hard. But I was in a fog because of the music theory imposed upon the guitar instead of how the guitar works then adding music theory to it. Then I came across your unassuming book. I read the glowing praises on the back and decided to peruse it further. I couldn't believe what I was reading! I had found the Holy Grail! So I bought it and devoured it in one evening. Then I read it again a second time. Then I started reading it a third time and practicing it as I read. It makes so much sense. Being a left-brainer, I found your book totally logical. I took up the guitar to give my right brain a workout. Now I can appreciate the instrument a lot better and know how things fit together. In fact, I'm telling other guitarists that are learning, about your book. I'm glad I came across your books early on so I won't be wasting a lot of time and lose interest. It'll take a lot more practice to get proficient, but at least when I pay my dues early, they'll pay off in big dividends later."
Randy Little Lamont OK

"I bought Volume I of Fretboard Logic and found things in it I haven't found anywhere else."
Douglas McKay St. Paul MN

"I've bought hundreds of dollars of instructions books but I've never seen anything that put things in as clear of a light. I'm just surprised that it isn't more well known."
Werner Dellmeier Concord CA

"I don't care if you're a beginner, novice or professional, Fretboard Logic is amazingly inspirational. Even if you're a professional guitar player and have been playing 20 years - this book will benefit you - guaranteed."
Matt Edgeman Trilby FL

"Your first volume explaining the reasoning behind the guitar's unique tuning system is excellent. Please send me Volume II."
George Ridgeway Winter Park FL

" Bill, your books are good! They're unlike many books (and solos for that matter) that seem to take forever to get through and not say much that the average person can understand. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us thrashers. Another great thing I've discovered about your books is that one doesn't even need to have a guitar in hand to learn from them. I travel a lot and I've found that your books have the visualization tools that let me practice mentally while away from the fretboard. I'd heard from my keyboard playing friends that this mental activity is a key part of the learning process, but I hadn't been able to achieve it until I discovered your books. Thanks again!"
Dave Jenkins, Macon GA

"The best I've ever used. I keep loaning them out to my friends and they won't give em back. Send extra copies this time."
Tim Sharpe Seattle WA

Steve Hightower Tampa FL

"Amazing. It filled in so many gaps."
Larry Weidel Greensboro NC

Thanks for putting your ideas in writing..."
James Quinn Hooks TX

"It's the most sensible guitar book I've ever read."
Joe Hall Tampa FL

"These books are fantastic. I've been teaching for 30 years and they save a lot of time in the lesson."
Bill Heinz Delta CO

" Please find enclosed a M.O. for a copy of Fretboard Logic Volume II. I already have Volume I and it is a great book! If you come out with Volume III I will be pleased to buy it too."
Jon Thompson Chicago IL

"I have a library of guitar books at home - well over $1000.00 invested in guitar books - but these two are the best."
Rod Hale Temple Terrace FL

"I just finished Fretboard Logic Volume 1 and I found it more valuable than the Star Wars Trilogy!"
Marshall Elliott Littleton CO

"I wish to say that Fretboard Logic Vol. I was interesting and enlightening. I started playing guitar at age 12. I soon lost interest because of the difficulty of the instrument. Recently I decided to finish what I started so many years ago. Your book has provided essential information in a clear fashion and has truly fueled the fire. I look forward to these other books."
Mark S. Weber St. Francis MN

"Vol. I was very impressive. I never learned so much so fast. I look forward to receiving Vol. II."
Brad Hollis Everett WA

"I really appreciate it. It's helped me piece together the fretboard in a way that I never have before."
Michael James Memphis TN

"I enjoyed Fretboard Logic Vol. I. I wish I had this when I was a beginner. Please rush Vol. II."
John Burke Santa Barbara CA

"Yet another rave review for your Fretboard Logic book! Some of the things you describe I learned from my teacher, but he didn't present them in the CAGED framework you use, which clarifies things enormously (it's as if someone turned the light on :^) )."
Karel Pieterson The Netherlands

"Sir, I just want to thank you, also to reinforce that your books and video are extremely helpful and I'm anxiously awaiting your second video."
John P. Otts Cleveland OH

"You've hit just about every nerve in my brain, and caused me a lot of thought. For the first time in years of guitar playing things are starting to make sense. It's like trying to put a bomb back to together after it's exploded."
John Reynolds Allentown PA

"I've just recently purchased the video to accompany book 1 and found it extremely helpful. This one is going fairly fast because it really clarified and filled in the blanks on what I have been studying from the book. Thanks for all of your work and insight, this is really amazing stuff and very helpful for someone self studying that started at age 37."
Mike Carey via the internet

"Fretboard Logic I was excellent. It rekindled my love for the instrument by grounding me back on the basics. I've been stuck at a plateau for the longest time trying to get fancier in my playing when I needed to do the opposite. I can't wait to receive Volume II."
George Levy Miami Beach FL

"It's the only thing I've ever been able to learn from."
Norman Laws Delaware City DE

"Thanks for all the hard work of tying, organizing, and presenting your guitar logic to the world. We so desperately needed your insights!"
Darr Boharsik, Woodstock, GA

I have Fretboard Logic Vol 1 and I love the hell out of it. I have purchased many Guitar Instruction books on music reading, scales, and chords but I've never really been able to get a grasp on how to use them in my own music. Then I got ahold of Fretboard Logic Vol 1 and read through and everything in it worked for me fantastically.
BoneZ via the internet

"These first two books have shown me things about my instrument that I truly believe I would never have found or understood through any other means. I am playing very well these days and expect to improve on a continuous basis. I must say that not only has my understanding grown in leaps and bounds but in relative terms my fingers have grown little wings. They now fly and are flying faster all the time. I guess that's because now they know where they are going thanks to you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Michael Mitchell North York ONT Canada

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Jeff Fluegel Rockford MI

"What we say everyday about "Fretboard Logic"! "What a fantastic product"! "Great work." "There is nothing like it." "Buy it now."
Chas & Matt Hanover Strings Hanover NH

"I found the video [Bass Logic] to be something I can recommend to both starting and intermediate players. We don't have any real bass teachers in our area therefore you have both been a great help! Thanks."
Mark Electron Sound Prince George BC

"Mr. Edwards, a while back I bought your book series and your video tape. I've found them extremely helpful in better understanding the guitar and improving my ability to play. Thanks for taking the time to write them."
Jeff Wittmaier St. Louis MO

"Bill: Your books, of which I am the proud and delighted owner of all 3 volumes, are fabulous. My most excellent guitar instructor had been explaining the CAGED system, raving like a lunatic about it, with positive results in my playing and understanding of the instrument. But the detailed explanations and diagrams in your books have really driven it home. Thanks for seeing the logic and conveying it to the rest of us. For the first time, after a couple years of practice, I feel like I'm beginning to understand the fretboard. It is so much easier to find the chords, lead scale, and a practical fingering for jamming along with my beloved classic blues collection. Thanks a million again for your books -- its the best guitar money I've spent since I bought Pearl, my Strat. Best regards."
Jim Hooper

"Your "first" Fretboard Logic Video was "Superb"! Fastest and most complete "system" I have ever seen!"
John Forsythe Windsor ONT

"Kudos on Fretboard Logic I! I've wasted a lot of time and money on theory books that left me more confused after I read them. Not yours!"
Greg Moore Atlanta GA

"Excellent book. Fretboard Logic ruled. I couldn't stop playing. I bring my guitar to school, movies parties. I know a lot now."
Jon Cranmore Leesville LA

"I came across your Fretboard Logic Vol 1 and 2 and it have had my interest renewed forty years after I put away the guitar in total frustration. Thank you very much."
Allen Ross Willoughby Hills OH

"Anyway, thanks again for all you've taught me (and continue to teach me) through your manuals. They have no instructional equal on the market today. P.S. I bought the GUITAR ENCYCLOMEDIA BOOK and I've been trying to get something good from it, but after several months of studying it all I can say is that "IT AIN'T NO FRETBOARD LOGIC!!!"
Herb April Chicago IL

"I read through all of the material more or less immediately and I have to say you have done a fine job of handling the thorny aspects of the guitar and made learning easier for lots of folks. Way to go! That alone is a beautiful accomplishment. I think I fall into the category of "wish I had this twenty years ago". Nonetheless, there's lots of stuff I've half forgotten or left foggy in the dark corners of my mind. I'm sure I'll be referring back to your material for years."
Tony Annicchiarico Kansas City MO

"As a systems ecologist, I find your systems approach to the fretboard to be excellent."
Angelo Tulimieri via the Internet

"I just this moment finished Fretboard Logic Volume 1. I feel like there should be a little light bulb blazing away above my head. This is the most substantial "AHA!" experience I've had in some time....thank you! Anyway I just wanted to mention these things to you, and offer sincere thanks and kudos. I feel like the secrets of the universe have finally been revealed to me. (Well, the guitar-related ones, anyway, and that's enough for now!)
Tanya Farthing Conway AR

"Probably the most comprehensive and intelligent method I've ever seen, and I've been playing for 35 years. It's a masterwork."
Tom Murphey Benecia CA

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Maurice Bailey Kingston Jamaica

"The method which you present is so easy to grasp, I have never been able to learn this type of stuff quickly; but with your approach "It's like butta!"
Gary D. Crosslin Sherman Oaks CA

"After using the fretboard logic system, I have felt two powerful emotions: 1) Grateful that someone finally published a method that quickly and accurately cleared up years of confusion I've had over the workings of the guitar, and 2) an intense need to slap every "teacher" and author that have caused more harm than good trying to teach guitar in a confusing, unconnected, non-logical way. I will be grateful to you for as long as I play guitar.
Fred Dirkse via the internet

"I've been playing 20 years. Learning chords & picking up whatever I could. Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 have finally given me some direction & explained things in a way that I can understand. Thanks."
Roger McNitt Rome GA

" Just wanted to add to the list of accolades for the Fretboard Logic series. Most guitar instruction books throw you patterns and exercises without really explaining why. They leave you with a feeling that you're not progressing MUSICALLY. Fretboard Logic gives me knowledge of the guitar that I've never found anywhere else, in a way that's entertaining and enjoyable. I've gotten more out of these books than any others! Thanks for everything!"
Kevin Olson Rockford IL

" I was very impressed with the easy to understand way 'Fretboard Logic II' was presented. The clarity of the definitions of the different terminology was very helpful in understanding the way chords & scales are constructed. This is by far the best book I've read about guitar playing."
Jeff Nuzum Hollister MO

"The most difficult thing about learning the guitar is doing it without Fretboard Logic. [Later wrote] ...In closing I would like to say that the Fretboard Logic Series is the best and only course for learning the guitar."
John Warren Vernon FL

"Great book, Bill. I've played keys for nearly 30 years and just dabbled with the guitar, never really understanding the logic behind the fretboard. After just a week with Volumes 1 and 2 I'm playing basic leads all the way up and down the fretboard and staying in key at the same time! Your program makes learning guitar simple, and for someone with a music background it's a breeze."
Ron Schilling Bellevue NE

"Tell the guy who wrote it I've got stacks of books and these are the absolute best. They're like a light at the end of a tunnel after walking around in the dark for a long time."
Chuck Atkins Sanford NC

"I have to echo the words of others who have purchased the Fretboard Logic Series. Vol II in particular has helped me progress toward understanding the guitar fretboard more than any study material I have used."
Jim Guhl Bella Vista AR

"The Fretboard Logic Series that you have authored is very enlightening, practical, inspiring and straight to the point 'that's very logical.' A very good understandable guitar theory book for any styles. Volume I is very easy to understand and it gives me an instant birds eye view of the guitar fretboard. It gives me some kind of a sparks that started to glow inside myself and to realize something that inspired to my own playing. And Vol. II is a bit harder mentally and physically, but we have to workout in order to get the best of it. Lastly Vol. III is more on analytical and creativity and 'encouragement' to do more that/than the books has to offer. I appreciates very much your sense of understanding to those guitar students that needs more explanations in guitar theory in a clear cut way and the patience and efforts that you've put into the Fretboard Logic Books. I know that you've already done everything and clearly explain in a clear manner the most possible imaginative way for the main purpose of enhancing or enlightening the beginner or advanced guitar players. But, I have realized that your book or you have already said in your book that you don't like to focus in just one style of guitar music, and I noticed that. I understand that your purpose is to write a book for everyone or for all styles and I really like that. Thanks a million times."
Jeffrey Belong W. Samar Philippines

"You wrote a great guitar book in Vol 1. I've always played by ear. And I've become pretty good at it. But I've always felt there was more freedom out there if you could only unlock "the secret". I never found an answer to the secret... at least one that fit me. With Fretboard Logic, I feel I'm getting more answers than questions. Finally, this twenty-something year old secret is starting to become unlocked. Geez... guitar playing is starting to make sense to me thanks to your insights and willingness to share them with other guitar players looking for creative freedom "out there."
Bill Peake Carrollton TX

"Excellent books! You've changed my approach to playing and improvising after being stuck in a rut for 20 years! So simple yet brilliant. A real breakthrough!"
Manny Sanjiau Dixon CA

"I recently purchased the"Bass Logic" learning book. The information is is very useful - I also have the video. I have found many good ideas and a fair amount of success with both. Thank you.
Rubbinho via the internet

"Here's that simple stuff that your guitar teacher can't seem to explain properly. You'll finally know where to go when you're playing. If you find this book in your teens, we'll see you on MTV."
Bob Cella Los Angeles CA

"The Rosetta Stone of guitar theory has arrived! Bill- As many before have told you - you are a genius. I just started on "Fretboard Logic" book one yesterday and learned more guitar theory in three hours than I have in the past 50 years of taking lessons, buying stacks of books and videos etc.,etc.,etc. I am now 64 and thought it was too late to ever learn to play anything but "Twinkle, Twinkle LIttle Star." By concentrating on the the five basic forms as the heart of everything i.e. chords, lead etc. I can now see the logic of "why you do what you do." You have infused logic into the guitar theory learning system to replace rote memorization. My only regret is that I didn't purchase all three books when I was in the music store yesterday, but hopefully books two and three will be available when I am ready for them. Now it is all up to me. Thanks again for making your genius available to all of us!"
Jim Pepoon via the internet

"well.... guess most that can be said has been.... but still, inspiration is knocking on my door more often than ever before, now that u have provided me the tools I needed... Thank u, I hope FL Vol. III is in my hands in a few days from now."
Peter from Denmark (rather cold) via the internet

"I'm lucky I found your fretboard book while on vacation. Seems like fate."
Don Long Naperville IL

"Fretboard Logic is a GODSEND. I could safely say IT'S THE BIBLE FOR THE GUITAR!"
Jose Perez Escondido CA

"To whom it may concern: Roughly eight years ago I took two guitar lessons while living in central Florida. My teacher requested that I buy a book entitled "Fretboard Logic." Unfortunately, the book promptly found its way into a drawer where it remained. Over the following years I have spent countless hours searching the internet, taking lessons, and reading magazines trying to learn all there is to know about chords and how to "play lead." I spent days trying to make sense of and memorize the pentatonic scale without any results. Just by chance I ran across the old "Fretboard Logic" book that I had purchased years before. I was amazed that all of the answers to all of the questions that I have sought over the years are in that book. So many holes have been filled. Thank you for such a well written resource. It IS a perfectly logical approach to the fretboard. I only wish that I had taken advantage of it sooner. Glad to see there are volumes two and three."
Joel L. Gerber Baltimore MD

"It's great! Your video and books have really helped me to begin to grasp the fretboard (pun intended). So, thank you!"
David Whitman via the Internet

"I've learned more in the last four months, since "living" with Bass Logic, than in the previous three or four years of double bass playing. The exercises, scales arpeggios, and etudes are a daily part of my life. I've got more to go, but anticipate that by the end of the year I should have the stuff in my neurons. So, looking ahead (eagerly), what about a Bass Logic II?...Please..
Jeff Bremer Tumwater WA

"I cannot begin to thank you for the gift that Fretboard Logic I & II has been to me. I join the long list of those who wonder why we were not taught this method long ago. Thanks a million! God bless."
Father Ernie Sumrall Clearwater FL

"Dear Mr. Edwards, Nothings changed. Your books/videos are still the best I've come across."
John Lawrence via the internet

cl "Thanks so much for your great books."
Scott Randolph Questa NM

"The Fretboard Logic system was an incredible "quantum leap" in my understanding and functional abilities on the guitar. I've slowly drawn aspects and practice out in a traditional system of "teach myself" which has been a tedious process. I have some books at home that claim to "teach guitar" that never quite hit home. I was introduced to the Fretboard Logic system from an employee of the store where I bought my new guitar and he pointed me in the F.L. direction. It has been an outstanding experience learning the guitar in this way!"
Keith Chamberlain Westminster CO

"I'm a fairly accomplished amateur musician (clarinet). I've fooled around with the guitar on-and-off for years but never got anywhere. Now I'm working way my through your books and from the first few pages it was one of the biggest musical AH-HAs I've ever had. Your approach is great even for - maybe especially for - people who already have some of theory under their belts."
Clay Glad New York NY